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I never thought that I would be so angry with my sister that I am disgusted by her presence. She has been seeing this guy, who is awful for her. He’s only 16 and is a flunking pothead drunk, whose parents are crackheads. Literally. The reason she knows him is because he is our cousin by marriage. But it turned out they decided they liked each other romantically. So they were sneaking around. Eventually they decided to go to my mom and tell her, and then they went to my dad. But being that he is technically my cousin, and yes that’s what I count him as, both my parents and I as well as my sister and brother did not like this. So my parents said sorry its not a good idea for you two to be together. Not only because we consider him to be our cousin, but because he is flunking and smokes pot and drinks all the time. And to add to it, they all go to the same school. How humiliating right? Well my sister decided this was not going to fly and started sneaking out at night to see him.And we all know what people do in the wee hours of the night. Anyway I caught her once but didn’t realize what she was doing. She lied and told me she was just on a walk because she felt trapped and needed air. I trusted her. And she lied. She also kept on lying to me. Eventually it got so bad that we had a huge fight she was majorly grounded. And I was full of disappointment. Which I did not fail to express. My mom and dad told me I needed to forgive her, although I felt that everyone was too easy on her and she deserved to be in more trouble than she was I forgave her. My brother took her under his wing and they hung out all the time, we eventually thought she was starting to get over the whole thing and move on. This past weekend she earned enough trust to go to her friends house and stay the night there. Guess where my dad found her though. Yep, at the piece of craps house. The first chance she got after months of my brother caring for her and putting his whole life on the back burner to make sure she got over this and wasn’t completely miserable. After months of me getting over it and our relationship finally getting back to normal, she shows she doesn’t care and goes right back to him. She showed me how much she cares about me, which is 0. And admitted that she doesn’t care how any of this affects anyone else. So there was another huge argument/discussion about the same damn situation. She basically said she can’t wait to leave when she turns 18 and could care less about her family. Yet my parents and brother are acting as if nothing happened. But I just can’t, I’ve been depressed and angry. I don’t think I will be able to get over this one. She went against my trust again, and told me to my face she doesn’t care. How do I act as if nothing is wrong? I can’t. Now I see her as a terrible person who only cares about herself. That is not okay with me. I am so mad and upset that I don’t know what to do. I have no one to talk too. I am lost in this abyss of anger and resentment, that I feel like I will never get over this. I am in mourning of losing my sister, by her choice. I can’t take this. How can everyone act as if nothing is wrong? How can anyone talk to her without cussing her out. It takes everything I have to distract myself from terrible thoughts. Mean things I can say, or give her dirty looks every time I see her. I just don’t know what to do. I despise her presence and the fact that everyone acts as if they are not hurt. She is the worst human being I have ever met. And it makes me feel awful that I have these thoughts. I am supposed to love my baby sister. But right now I don’t think I do, and it’s killing me.

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