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Sunday 26th August 2012

You’re strong enough!<3

Sometimes you just feel alone sad,depressed,angry as if nobody can help you or nobody cares. You just want to give up so much by either doing something stupid that you’ll later on regret or just taking your life away in a second. Let me tell you something. Life may seem to be going terrible for [..more..]

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Tuesday 21st August 2012

so angry

i don’t know what’s the problem. all i need is a shoulder to cry on but i don’t know what to cry about! and i’m not a drama quin trust me! the problem is that i’ve been going through so much lately and i have this boyfriend who is really nice and caring but for [..more..]

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Friday 10th August 2012

I just want to be happy.

so i thought this summer was going to be different. i thought i would actually have fun but nope. it was more like hell summer. the last week of school was terrible so i started my summer off with basically no friends. and i felt as if though everything was crashing down. you think your [..more..]

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Thursday 9th August 2012

Sick and tired

Why do I keep trying for a friend who quits trying for no reason. My friend stops talking to me and gets mad for no reason. Why do I keep trying when she only keeps walking out the door. When she’s fine it’s great. But other than that I cant handle it. She is this [..more..]

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Wednesday 18th July 2012


When I was 6 years old my stepdad started to beat me and this used to happen everyday up until I was 15, I tried telling my mum about it but she didn’t believe me the only reason why it stopped because my mum kicked him out, not ’cause of my – her daughter’s situation [..more..]

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Tuesday 17th July 2012

Idiot “brother”

I hate to even call this dumb piece of s*** my brother. He is a disgusting, heartless, fat ass idiot. I was sending an important piece of mail today and he takes it outside and threatens to get it wet with a sprinkler and threatens to rip it up for no reason at all so [..more..]

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Friday 13th July 2012

Its my fault :( :'(

Im so depressed God why is this happening ? Its all my fault , im in bad attitude with everyone im 15 , i hate my life even though nothing is that wrong of it , its just im the reason that im not happy cause i loved someone while the person i love now [..more..]

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Thursday 5th July 2012

True Feelings

-As I sit alone deep in thought, I wonder what my next move is. What my future holds for me and my unborn child. I feel like I’m truly happy, but for some reason I want to make myself sad and depressed.

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Wednesday 13th June 2012


Child molesters and sexual abusers (whether using an adult, playing with her feelings) are sick evil people will rot in hell, burn in hell. they will get paralyzed from waist below, better yet full body paralysis. they will get worms inside them. Their organs will fail one by one, viruses will feed on their body. [..more..]

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Monday 11th June 2012


Lately I find myself very unhappy with life. I feel like there’s nothing left. I’m a full-time college student with a job, but nothing else. I feel as though I disappoint everyone around me, but maybe it’s because I’m disappointed in myself. I’m not even sure of the reason why. I just know that I [..more..]

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