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Sunday 10th June 2012


You aren’t around, you never were. Your word means nothing, it’s all a blur. I gave in to you, like that mean’t a thing. You will never understand the pain you bring. These nights haunt me, I could never forget, and for some messed up reason I thought you commit. To me. This world, these [..more..]

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Friday 25th May 2012


“I’ll always be this person, no matter how much I trust you, or how lovely I know I am.” This doesn’t have to do with me being insecure. This has to do with jealousy; I will always be a jealous person. I will always be jealous when you do things I want to do. I [..more..]

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Thursday 10th May 2012


I see you sitting on gchat ALL the time…EVERYDAY now…You spoke to me first. I spoke to you the 2nd time…I’m not about to re-initiate it again. That’s when I feel like I’m annoying/bothering you. I want to ask you how the GMAT went. I want to know if you enjoyed your reunion weekend here. [..more..]

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Whenever my Mom complains about her misery at work, I’m feeling that it’s my fault. she complains about the bills, water bill, electricity, internet, food for the family etc. at me and I feel like I am the reason why she’s carrying all that problems. I drink water,I use electricity and I use internet almost [..more..]

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Friday 4th May 2012


who actually knows the true purpose of life, the true reason we were put here on Earth? some say it was God’s way of fulfilling what was meant to be, while others have no intention of even thinking,guessing or caring about this very subject. I suppose it comes from deep down really, the way you’ve [..more..]

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Saturday 28th April 2012


Last year you said i was the only one who could make you happy, now your the only one who can make me happy. Are you gunna save me too? like what i did with you or am i nothing to you, when you said you loved me forever did you mean it? or are [..more..]

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Thursday 19th April 2012


I really wish he would just hold me. That’s all I need right now. Even though he’s the reason why I’m upset, I still want him to comfort me.

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Saturday 7th April 2012


She had the most exquisite eyes that you’ll ever see , tough to take your eyes of them . She made me gaze at her for eternity without any real reason – and now she makes me think about her without any reason . I know she’s the lost jewel which i’ll never reclaim , [..more..]

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Thursday 5th April 2012


i have a best friend and shes mad me for a very stupied reason….she mad at me cause i was on facebook and i told i was getting i ddnt i got bak on just to do something on it and she got mad at me about it..i think thats a really stupied fuking [..more..]

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Friday 30th March 2012


Write your thoughts/feelings here… im feeling depressed with no reason… maybe im lonely?

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