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Thursday 13th October 2011


Sometimes I feel sad and down. I feel stressed. I am super unmotivated and my super important HSC is coming up and I haven’t studied. I am going to fail and all my family and friends will think I’m really dumb. I think I might just kill myself instead. And that one f***wit teacher who [..more..]

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Wednesday 5th October 2011


Have you ever hurt so bad for someone else, you sit there shaking and can’t stop it? I want to help. I want to fix everything for him. But he’s stuck. You know, some people think depression is just sadness. It’s more than that. It affects every part of you. It is an actual medical [..more..]

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Wednesday 14th September 2011


When people needed me I was there for them, but now when I need someone they dont think I deserve their company or they keep blaming for something or the other reason.

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Thursday 1st September 2011


I realized suddenly that there are at least three people who know me from school that are following my tumblr. Now, I’m usually very VERY conservative in public, I keep my head down and stay quiet; unless I have a good reason to voice my opinion or stand up for myself/something I believe in. My [..more..]

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Monday 29th August 2011


what have i done, i have f***ed everything up with you and i wish i couldve been better. i have another chance with you but its hard to prove everything to you when i dont even think you believe in me. and i want to show you how amazing you are. i want to finally [..more..]

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Tuesday 28th June 2011

I hate being controlled. Hate to the core being forced to do something. This hate can make me so irrational when people are telling me to do something for my own good. I can see that it’ll be good for me but I would still refuse to do it simply because someone told me to [..more..]

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Monday 30th May 2011

That feeling that you have tried your best to let go of the past, but still end up dwelling with it every night before you sleep. I miss him even after what he has done to me. He is the reason on why I my heart is all caged up.

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Friday 13th May 2011

I tried getting my friend to go into the cemetery with me. She would go in. I told her it was okay and I tried to make her see what I saw. But she can’t see what I see. It seems no one can. Think deeper. And realize that we know nothing! That everything is [..more..]

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Sunday 10th April 2011

You say you feel tired and depressed and you haven’t done any work when you blatantly have, you say that you get really s*** grades when you actually get A*s in pretty much every subject. You say you have no friends and that no one likes you… To you being tired I say “welcome to [..more..]

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Thursday 31st March 2011

I try and place myself into these cliches or these scenarios, i try to relate to someone else and I think the reason I do that is because I need to know where I stand, I need to know what to do next and I need to know how it will turn out for me. [..more..]

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