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Posted by on 2011/08/29 under Uncategorized

what have i done, i have f***ed everything up with you and i wish i couldve been better. i have another chance with you but its hard to prove everything to you when i dont even think you believe in me. and i want to show you how amazing you are. i want to finally make you feel like you belong and make you feel important. youve gone through so much and it just isnt fair. i feel youd be better off without me. i feel ive only done you more wrong then happiness. and the reason i write this on here is because if i said it to you, you would become mad and say what this is, is stupid. i just wish you know it kills me inside too. not as much as you, ill probably never know how you feel. maybe if im lucky i will. so i can finally know what ive put you through. but ive been f***ing up my life, and its just hard for me. everything is. and i feel like dying or hurting myself. just to make things fair. the hurting so i know what its like to hurt. and the dying so you dont have to deal with my s***. i do love you and i know i always will no matter what happens. and i always want to be friends, and its not that “we can still be friends bulls***” i want to be an actual friend. ill miss you, even though were still together im sure itl end soon because of me. and im sorry for it, i truely am. i love you.

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