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its always me that get in trouble its always me that tags along with couples on there dates i am always b****ed about i am always the one that’s just there if they need help cause i always help them but nobody ever sees inside me even if its hard to or not i am always just having to sit there with all these feelings in my head wanting to come out and getting help about them but no one not even my family are there my mum just asks me if i am okay and then that’s it and i don’t talk to my sister cause she always just tells her friends my problem and then they just laugh about it.And i have had a few boyfriends and my 3 one was the best one ever he was fit he was nice and everything you could of ever wanted in a boyfriend and then he dumped me for no reason and now he goes out with my best friend and she always tells me she hates him so i am like just dump him then but she says no cause she doesn’t want me to go back out with him how unfair do you think i should stay friends with her or not? and i have loved him since p6 and i am now in s2 and now i found out a few ugly people fancy me i like them but not like that so what do i do, do i go out with them or not? i got loads of other problems but this is one so please help me. please and i have started to do stuff to my arms that i dont want to do cause i am so confused about my life!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t hurt yourself! life get’s tough but hurting yourself won’t get you anywhere! About your best friend, if you have a problem with them being together, and she doesn’t even like him, then she’s a really weird friend i have to say.. She’s not really caring about your feelings.. And can you talk to your best friend about these things? Cause if she really is your friend you’re supposed to be able to talk about anything. About the ”ugly people”.. Don’t just date someone because you want to date.. The right person will come along just relax, and try to get away from all the people who stress you out! Hope this helped

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