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I knew you texted your friends saying you flirt with your coworkers “but you would never hook up with them” (what’s the count now…3 so far?)

You messaged those guys over facebook…

That one guy you said that the reason you even dated me for 10 months was because you were too nice to say no when we were discussing being exclusive. If I remember correctly (and I do)… I didn’t want to date you. You pursued me. You developed all of those pictures our friends took and gave them to me when we went home for the break. You drove 9 hours to make sure I didnt kiss anyone else on New Years. You wanted me to meet your parents. You were the one that cried for days after I hooked up with someone even though we weren’t dating, which is why we started to..big mistake.

I know when we were still trying to work things out you were ‘getting ahead’ by talking to your coworkers. I knew that night when you said you were home by 2 or 3 that you went over to that douchebags house and probably slept there.

You say you cried for a month when we were going through our ‘struggles’, but at the same time you were getting ready for single life. You wanted it.

I’m happy it happened. Why would I want to date someone that has what you have…you know what I mean by that. I’m happy we split apart before you infected me anymore than you had.

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