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I am a chubby girl ok? A little bit big around the edges. And I was okay with that until I started high school this year. And everyone looked at me weird. And the guys make fun of me whenever I walk into class. And now… I want to starve myself. I want to cut off all my fat. I want someone to love me. Whatever it takes. But every time I try to lose weight, I just can’t take the pressure and I give up. I truthfully don’t understand why I torture myself like this. I liked the way my body was, until I found out that no boy will ever love me or care about me the way that I am. I don’t understand why I am not accepted.

One thought on “I KEEP TRYING

  1. Anonymous says:

    Darling you are beautiful. Those guys, they sound like either very immature d***s, or possibly people that don’t have good f***ing judgment. Anyway, they are Definetily people that you do not need to listen to. You are obliviously a smart, capable, hot chick so forget about them, their opinions and your insecurities and find the beauty in life. You saying that no boy will love you, that is crazy! I felt like that. I’m still single but I know that there will be someone out there for me I just haven’t meet them yet.

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