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Thursday 2nd June 2011

I have also never gone to a party or done anything social,,high school was wake up, go to school, go to class and never talked to any one unless they talked to me, maybe sleep on desk but never slept, recess break,,and for the first few years i stayed in the toilet too scared to [..more..]

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Thursday 19th May 2011

dear soandso, i basically stalk your ass on twitter, and i don’t even have that s***. i met you junior year, you were a senior. we had this dope ass class together, and you and i wouldn’t do s***. nevertheless, i earned a B, I’m sure you scored around the same as well. i digress… [..more..]

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Monday 14th February 2011

My life sucks. No freinds no nothing. Since I’m very quite many people intend to make fun of me, you know bully me. Like always bully the weaker people. Not that I care its there problem. They have mental brains, stupid and just ignorant. Sometimes makes me wonder ‘how can they sleep at night.’ Oh [..more..]

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Tuesday 8th February 2011

All I Can Be The number one graduate of my class may be well rounded in his or her studies but I am well rounded with wisdom, or least more than the 1st graduate would be and for that matter specific wisdom attainable only within youth. You see there’s a certain balance one must have [..more..]

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Saturday 29th January 2011

import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; import java.applet.*; import java.util.Random; public class cube extends JApplet { public void paint(Graphics g) { for (int k = 0; k

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Thursday 18th November 2010

one day in science class there was this wicked girl in my class named Jamie.Jamie whispered ‘ ‘marelin has big ears like a monkey.” then i replied”i can hear u.” she responded”u were ment 2.”next thing u know the teacher is still teaching the lesson like he cant even hear her.i said ”look u little [..more..]

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Thursday 21st October 2010

I don’t get it… Why don’t people like me? I haven’t done anything to them. Is it the fact that I’m smarter than them? M___a and C___y are oviouse. They’ve always had something against me since 5th grade. They don’t talk to me, never. Well, maybe sometimes, but stil… It’s not that nobody likes me [..more..]

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Thursday 14th October 2010

Lets see, I am very bored. I am in credit recovery and I’m going to fail math for the 3red time. Um, no one really constructs the class in here. That is why I am writing in this random text box I found on Google. I think it’s very cool that there is this little [..more..]

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