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My boyfriend John is amazing and perfect and treats me so well. The other night, I invited him to dinner. Not a good idea. My mother was so rude to him and made him leave early. She called him a “good for nothing punk” which offended me very much. John is in the top of his class and has straight A’s. He is also the captain of the basketball team and is involved in the debate team. Just because he is a senior and two years older than me does not make him a punk. He has done nothing to me and never pressures me into anything. I do not know what my mother has against him. I love him though, and I am going to keep dating him. My mom does not understand. I try to talk to her about John, but she pushes me away, saying that I should not be involved with an older man. Ugh! This is so annoying. I feel like this is sort of Romeo and Juliet.

One thought on “My Mom Hates My Boyfriend

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you just talk to your mother about John? More in depth, tell her the things you are telling me. Mention to her that he makes you very happy. Have John talk to your mother too. Maybe a one-on-on conversation between the two of them will change her mind so your mother can see that he is a nice guy.

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