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Posted by on 2012/12/30 under Friends

I don’t know how to start this… Firstly, sorry for gramma, I’m not a native english speaker. So, I’m really disappointed in my two friends. I have known them for 14-16 years. I have put so much in this relationship. And I have to admit, I enjoyed being with them. They are fun people. But I never felt that they would care for me as much as I do for them. Especially for one of them. I did so much for her, I always gave her opportunities to see new stuff, or to meet new people. She started playing football because of me, made new friends because of me, had a job for a year because of me, saw so much because of me. But she never said “thank you”. Not even once. I woudln’t mind it, but recently she really hit me and hurt me. Considering her my best friend I asked her where we will celebrate New Year. She told me that she will beg to be invited to her classmates party, or to her sisters party, althought she doesn’t want to. She didn’t even considered that maybe we could do something together. Another friend did the same thing. Didn’t even ask me if I have a place to celebrate New Year. If that would be me, if I would have where to celebrate, I would certainly intive them, even if there wouldn’t be any free space in the party. I would try my best to put them in the party, they are my best friends, I would even abandon the party and celebrate only with them. Well, unfortunetly, they are best friends for me, but I’m not for them. I hope, that in the future I will meet nice people, who will care for me , the same way I do for them.
I wish everyone of you happy and succesful New year 🙂

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