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I have been dealing with so much at home lately. I live with my dad, step mom, step brother, step sister, and her boyfriend all in one tiny house. It is getting to the point where we are all getting at each other’s throats and I can’t even stand it anymore.

My sister is the worst of it all. She is known to be a very selfish person. She won’t help out around the house unless someone jumps her balls, and she has no job, doesn’t go to school anymore, and she sleeps in until at least noon every day. I mean sometimes I sleep in late and I have been slacking around the house lately, but I am also an almost full time college student and I go to school at least four days a week. I finally got off of school for my winter break and since then I have been at least doing one thing around the house a day. I also do whatever my parents ask me to about 85% of the time. I know I am not perfect and I am the first to admit that.

There is also the whole babysitting issue with my brother. We have been in this battle for years. When we were younger my sister was one of the biggest rebels I have ever seen. She would always sneak people into the house and she moved out when she was almost 18, leaving me, a 15 year old at the time with all the responsibility around the house and with my brother. Because of her rebellious ways I couldn’t really have a social life outside of school because my parents worked so much. That went on for three years. Now she still expects me to do this for her while she goes around and hangs out with her friends. I have been leaving for my real mom’s house a lot lately to get away from her. I can’t stand living with her because I see the double standard vividly. Now all she does is chews my ass because I don’t babysit enough. So I tried to compromise saying that I would babysit on Friday and she would on Saturday, because my parents both work only on weekends now. My dad works two jobs all week. And that still isn’t good enough, so while I am trying to enjoy my solitude at my moms my sister blows up my phone about how she’s tired of picking up my slack. Picking up my slack? What do you think I have been doing for you for three f***ing years??? You said f*** you to this family a long time ago, while I stuck around. She also told me that I need to cut the f***ing umbilical cord and stop visiting my mom so much so she can go out and f*** around. You know what my real mom said, “Why doesn’t she cut the umbilical cord and move the f*** out?” I couldn’t agree more. I mean I live with my parents too, but at least I am going to college, and I have been looking for a job for the last eight months.

And the worst part is that she is making my parents fight constantly. My dad is on my side while my step mom is on her’s. My dad can’t even tell my sister anything without getting into a verbal brawl with her and my mom. My dad told me pretty much the verbatim of this situation and now my dad and I are most likely moving out when I get my next school check in January. Now thanks to my so called sister being so selfish I have to lose everything; My Mom, My Brother, My Home, My Animals…Everything. My step mom said I could still live with her if this happens, but to be honest, I really don’t want to, because I can’t stand living with my sister treating me like s*** everyday because “I don’t do enough.” Also my step mom has taken her anger out on me before when she was mad at my sister, and if she’s mad at my dad I am an instant target, and I can’t deal with that. Thanks to my so called sister being so selfish and only caring about herself, My dad and I will have to lose everything we love.

And my sister even throws pity parties for herself to her friends which I also think is complete BS! She was telling a friend of ours about how spoiled I am and how the house is “Playing Favorites”. No s*** Sherlock mom is playing favorites for you! I at least earn what I get most of the time, not all the time especially recently, but most. She’s also calling herself “the red headed step child” Well good, I hope you feel that way.

It is getting to the point where I dread going to my own house because I don’t want to f***ing deal with her. And I shouldn’t feel this way. I am so nervous to go back there. I am so nervous about the verbal blood bath I am about to face. I just hope it doesn’t end as badly as I think, and I don’t end up losing everything.

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