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I am afraid of time. Not spiders. Not heights. But time. I feel like every day is speeding past me and I don’t have time to catch up. I feel like I will die before finding my true love, before doing the things I have always wanted to do. I know my life is going to end one day, but I can’t process that into my emotions. Shouldn’t I be happy every day? There is just not enough time to truly find myself and I feel like all these days have gone to waste. I really don’t know my purpose. Should I know? Does anyone really know? I feel so alone and sad all time and I know all these days are pointless in my life.

4 thoughts on “My Fear

  1. retardgirl says:

    Honestly, i dont think there is a purpose. I dont think anyone has a given purpose, thats just an advertisement people sell you to make you want to go to college and contribute to the economy. Love is the only real thing to live for, it all im living for atleast. I feel like there really is nothing left so im just gonna sulk until the right guy comes along and we move to the wild away from all this bulls***. Dont feel alon though because i will listen to you and seriously be your best friend.

  2. Blue says:

    We think alike! I’ve caught myself thinking of exactly the same things then reprimand myself with the same thoughts: it’s pointless to waste away your days thinking of things that are pretty much mind blowing but useless. It’s really scary to think that tomorrow I can die and the last thing I did was do my assignment. Wasting half of our life in school when we’re not even sure if we can get to the half of our life. It’s so… urgh. “Okay stop thinking of these s***s again” >_<

  3. Green says:

    Death is inevitable. I’ve been thinking about this recently and it really did made me cautious about how to go on about my days but in the end i decided what better ways can i spend my last seconds,minutes,hours,days,months…who knows when i will die?

    my point is, why not live every second,every conversation,every action your last?. Am i saying to go YOLO and dance in the middle of the highway? nah~

    What i’m saying is that enjoy your days, thinking about it too deeply will make you miss reality! that’s no fun~ life is supposed to be lived, every second of it!

    “Be responsible of your words,actions and anything that can affect or hurt others as they could be your last. Live like like how you want your last moments to be in the eyes of others” This is my daily reminder.

  4. Walle says:

    happiness, like everything else we can perceive with our small minds, is just a short illusion like our lives. happiness, like the other complicated emotions we have been programmed with, is just an emotion chemical reaction that comes and goes like everything else. Life is and isn’t pointless. I believe through my own experience which is a little extensive, that how our lives are lived in this universe determines what and where we will be in the next life. But the truth is that no one knows why we are here and why we only seem to be the only species that has intellectual thought and self awareness. I’m not a smart guy and I really don’t know anything. All I can really say is that it seems like you and most of us, need satisfaction. Something that will make us all feel content with the lives we’ve been condemned to by some higher power playing SIMS with our pointless live behind a cosmic cloud. Who knows? Who cares? Green is right, Enjoy your important pointless life! you are not alone!

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