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i fell inlove with my bestfriend , in the 5th grade , we got together in the summer of 5th grade , then we broke up 7th grade year, we thought it was best for , we still talk as bestfriends, were now in 9th grade , were bestfriends he told me he still loves me, i said the same thing & we constanly flirt . then he got with my girl bestfriend & my heart just shattered , why lead me on ? i know nobody is reading this but it feels better than not having it all bottled in. – haley mahone .

2 thoughts on “life sucks.

  1. EdenShay says:

    This is so sad:( He might of done it to see if you would get jealous or something…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am very, very sorry because that is possibly the worst feeling ever. But I would take it as a sign that things were not meant to be and someone better is going to come along. I promise that this is true. So just move on and find someone else eventually. It seems so hard right now, all of it. But you can get through this. I have faith in you. .xx

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