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I dated this guy for two years, and we were so amazing together, he was my best friend and my everything. About two months ago, he ended it with me, saying it just wasn’t our time anymore. I was completely blind-sided and have cried every day since. we have done the whole ignoring each other thing for aobut the first two weeks and it was hell, then we started talking as friends, and then as “friends with benefits”, and then it ended up being like we were in a relationship all over again. I have never stopped loving him, but he doesn’t love ME anymore, he fell in love with another girl somewhere along these past two months and he told her how he felt and that he is ready to be in a relationship again, she didn’t feel the same way and declined his offer. and it was a day after that happened that he began talking to me again. he kisses me, and thinks of her; he talks to me and thinks of her. but I am so in love with him, that the hurt he causes (unintentionally) I can put up with. but I feel so lost and alone, where is the person that loves me? the person that’s going to comfort me when I cry? ive always been there for him when he’s crying over her; and its so painful to know that once long ago, he told me I was his world and I was his everything. now i’m just a shoulder to cry on and a girl to talk to, to me he’s still MY world. what do I do?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would realize that there are millions of other guys in the world. Even if you think you love this guy sometimes it is better to move on with dignity. If he is in love with another woman, then it just isn’t meant to be. There is a man out there… who will love you for your beautiful self and never let go. I promise. There is someone out there who will be your everything. And think about it, really deep. Is this boy really your everything? Do you love everything he says, and everything he does? If the answer is no, then go on your own path and find someone else. If the answer is yes, then I think it is time to have a one-on-one conversation with him.

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