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Tuesday 5th June 2012


This is a past story, just want to vent about it, and if someone can learn something from it, it would be great. I met this guy in college, he just went crazy about me. He was very protective of me. he did not do anything, he was always wasting money what he earned from [..more..]

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Sunday 3rd June 2012


ok im killing myself after a week . im gonna take pills which im saving for by working as a whore . oh well wish me safe trip tp hell

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Sunday 27th May 2012


Hey , second time i write here . answer it please . well look im 14 . i dont know what the hell is wrong with me . im acting angrey mean rude and bad to everyone and why ? cause im in love from 8 month all the garde 8 year with a guy [..more..]

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Thursday 24th May 2012


Ok…. So a couple of weeks ago a guy i was dating for 4 months cheated on me…Hard part is i have known this guy for 10yrs and for those 10yrs we were off and on…He was there through EVERY heartbreak i had and over those 10yrs i fell deeply in love with him…He promised [..more..]

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Wednesday 23rd May 2012


I’m sorry, please forgive me , i know nothing can go the same way it use to be, bas i really really like you. I can’t just like this let you go, even if you talking to me normally I know you didn’t forgive me from inside. I miss you. I used to LOVE you. [..more..]

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My heart is killing me, I wanna sleep at night I can’t even enjoy my life, and I don’t know WHY. The hell. I wanna seriously just DIE.

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Monday 21st May 2012


I just came back home from my dance class and my little sister comes running to me saying that she got kicked in the stomach by my little brother. She looked like she was in pain so since I’m the eldest, I get my phone and call our mom to come home quick. When she [..more..]

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Wednesday 16th May 2012


wow really. honesty you over do everything. i cant even do something without pissing you off. I dont even realize i annoy you until everyone turns on me because you always talk about s*** behind peoples back. F*** you you dont know everything and you have no real friends on the team i hope you [..more..]

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Sunday 6th May 2012


I like daydreaming way too much. I wish I could get lost in my own thoughts sometime. I keep thinking about every possible thing that could happen. But I know those things will never come true. That makes me feel so worried and anxious that I think daydreaming is not good after all. Reality is [..more..]

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Friday 20th April 2012


When the sun rises the rooster crows Life springs into the sunlight The ocean tide keeps it low So the birds won’t fly away in fright but sometimes the rooster forgets to yell And sunlight doesn’t always shine The ocean can be your ticket to hell And the bird’s wings are in a bind The [..more..]

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