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Posted by on 2012/12/24 under Uncategorized

well it’s the week before the finals ,, and my mom is pushing me like hell..
she keeps telling me to study every minute ughh , but anywho .. az have been flirting with me but i kept rejecting the flirts .. is that mean?? i don’t wanna be a slut .. i mean if anyone found out about us, i’d be dead .. so i’d rather keep it in the friendzone , and off to subject 2 ..
it’s 11:15 pm and seriously need to get some sleep .. i’m glad i found this blog to write anything on .. cause i’ve been lost lately , i just feel so empty
so lost in a space where no one is .. and i have so much on my mind
my finals , my dad, because as you know my parents are divorced lol. well.. it’s sad but i got used to it more than you can think.. it made cry in the past
but i got the hang of it,, i can tell you , divorced parents is hard. it’s not funny or good . but i guess it has benefits such as having to do stuff with out asking ur mom or dad , u only get to ask one parent, and i really need to get some beauty and smart sleep cause tomorrow is gonna be a day of work,study,and working out.. cause i’m not giving up i want to get those abs ! everytime i hurt at the gym i just remeber this qoute “learn to love the burn” or “if it burns that means it’s working” just trust me keep reminding urself of these words and you’ll get motivated right away .. it’s like when u fill ur car with gas .. it’s really motivating , that’s all i gotta say today. good night young world.

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