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I honestly don’t even know what’s up anymore.. :c He use to always chat me, and say the most sweetest things ever. But that only lasted for about a week. He would always tell me I’m beautiful, and how I’m a little angel & this and that. But he stops now :c At school, he would say “Hey,whats up?” Or ask “How’s it going” & that’s about it. He ignore my messages when I chat him, I don’t even understand why.I fell completely inlove with him, he always would cheer me up, but why did that have to stop? What could I have possibly done wrong? I remember how one day I just let it all out & I told him how I felt. He didn’t even reply back to the message.. :c So today I asked him “What is love?” & He told me he didn’t believe in love. He asked why did I ask him that and I told him to guess. & he said “You love me?” & I said “Maybe” . Then he told me “He might love me” What in the hell is that!? But I didn’t wanna ruin the fact that we was actually having a conversation again , so I said what’s up? & so on. But I don’t even understand him anymore, I told him EVERYTHING. I told him about my parents, but he did the same. I mean he does have a girl as a bestfriendd, she told him he shouldn’t date me. & I’ve never even talked to this girl before!? She eventually became his profile picture on the chatting thing. & Like I feel like I don’t even know him anymore, everything is all just confusing ..

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