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I haven’t exactly been through the majority of my life yet, but it seems to me that there is a definitive ground between the just and the unjust. The grounds in between is every so small but at the exact same time and through a grand broadcast of people ever changing. Does that mean that everything is at the same time just and unjust?

Just a week ago I gained a friend back. He was contemplating suicide and distanced himself from the people he needed most. It’s crazy to think about, but what i had never imagined seemed to be to him a justified and well thought out answer to all of the problems.

People talk about all the things that they do to enjoy themselves that we as humans know are probably not good ideas (I for one am also a part of this.) The incredible thing is that in our eyes it is just. Does that make life from day to day any more different than deciding what is best for yourself? But humans deserve more credit than that.

Humans are just creatures. Our actions are for the most part pure.

Live long and prosper.

One thought on “Purpose

  1. shannon says:

    if all our actions are pure how are we flawed if everyone has a flaw everyone has sinned and if you have sinned your not pure I don’t see the point of life I don’t know how to describe my ideas in the words that I just know that none of this could be real THIS COULD ALL BE A FIGMENT OF IMAGINATION and I’m leaving in a world I don’t want to be real with murder and crap but I feel that no matter what I do its real and I cant escape from this persona that makes me feel like I’m already dead

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