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My whole family got into a big fight, and i was the only one who wasn’t invovled. I felt like i had to be the only one to not say anything and keep it together. I had to support everyone and comfort them. But inside i feel like hell. Not because they fought, but because of a few of the things they said, and the fact that i have to forget about EVERYTHING just because everyone is angry and that i have to go get things for them, because they don’t wanna be in the same room… I don’t wanna be the nice person who keeps it together.. I wanna yell at all of them and tell them how stupid all of it is.. But i guess that’s me, i always stay quiet.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tell them how YOU feel. Let them know YOUR not okay with it and that YOU don’t what to be their messenger or get them things because it’s not fair to YOU. Yell or scream, let it out before it explodes at the wrong time. It’s better to say something and regret than say nothing and wonder what would’ve happened.

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