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hi i’m from the Philippines and last year i took the entrance test of my dream school..i did my best.i did not cheat. i did not copy someone else’s work. it was so difficult! i don’t know if i would be able to pass it . i really want to..i did everything i can and i just can bring myself to relax and be calm…i’m nervous every time the acet results comes in my mind..i always pray to pass it it but i’m not sure if i did good enough to pass it..i really am scared of what is to come…the results will come out this month and i’m not so sure if i was able to pass it,,can i pass it? i know i am not worthy to ask for anything this awesome but God, if you are reading this,,PLEASE i BEG you please let me pass the acet…if don’t pass it,,i wouldn’t know what to do in my life,,it’s the only thing that keeps me going.i know it’s not fair to ask so much, but i really need and want it so bad that itsall that i could think’s all i wish and hope for..i know i’m not perfect and a very nice person but please let me have what i really want this time…it’s all i ask of You….

One thought on “all i ask of you :'(

  1. Anonymous says:

    im pretty sure u passed?? right?

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