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Soooo this past year has been crazy. I thought I had found the perfect small private college to go to and play volleyball and that i would have everything covered financially but by the time we got our bill we were too late to back out and find another school. Back up, our bill said that we owed 18,000 dollars when we thought we were only going to owe about 7,000. I really wanted to go to school there so I decided that I would work my ass off, get some scholarships, ect. I worked all summer. Full time. Made around 3,000$, we took out a loan, got financial aid, and I went on a payment plan to finish up. I figured out that this next semester my bill would be around 490$ a month. I decided I would again work and finish it up. Okay so back up to beginning of fall semester. I had to enroll late so I didn’t really get to chose what classes I wanted. I think I had like 2 or 3 choices for my elective. I ended with only three classes. College biology, College chemistry, and minorities. Minorities was supposed to be easy but they got a new professor who assigned more homework in that class than I had in my bio and chem class combined. And Biology is my major. I ended up with an F in that class. A D in chem and a C in biology. That pulled my GPA down to about a 1.37? I think. So I get this letter that says I’m on the verge of academic probation which affects my volleyball scholarship. Then the next day I get a letter that says I’m suspended from financial aid. My academic probation means that they will watch my grades next semester and if any are below a C I am on probation from volleyball. Well my class schedule is Organic chem, Biology 2, Ethics, and Spanish…..F*** me. I have no idea how I’m going to pay for school let alone how I’m going to pass these classes. And on top of everything I’m planning a wedding that takes place in June and I’m also having relationship issues with my mom who practically disowned me this summer. I’m on the verge of quitting school and running away lol but seriously I don’t know how to deal with all of this!! It’s making me go crazy!

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