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Posted by on 2012/12/31 under Friends

I am having a terrible time right now. One second im happy the nxt i hate everything. My bff and i havr been less close recently and we r gonna see each other tomorrow for new yrs but she is acting a lil strange. I am the kind of person tht needs to b reassured tht someone loves me and wants to b/hang with me. She isn’t being mean but she is taking forever to answer my txts,she hasnt answered my questios about tomorrow. Also i havent seen her in 15days and we r used to seeing each other everyday so its been rly hard for me but i feel like its no big deal to her and tht kinda hurts. Yes i am sensitive but she can b too but for some reason i dnt feel like she even wants to hang.also there is a chance tht her mom wnt let her come which makes me rly nervous because i rly need to see her. I guess ive just rly missed her and because i am worried about her not coming it is making me even more worried and upset. I just hope she strts to show tht she cares and also tht she loves me and wants to see me. Well i still have soo much in my mind but this is enough to write. Thnks fpr listening whoever or if anyone is actually reading this.

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