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Monday 29th October 2012

Teenage :[

I feel like i cant take it anymore. Everyone is on me about everything. I just want to get help. I cant take most of my friends, Ive lost my bestfriend. My mum dosent want to talk about my depression with me. I feel lost and confused. I dont know where to turn. My heart [..more..]

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Sunday 28th October 2012

I honestly don’t know anymore…

I’m just so done trying. I’m done trying to become close to anyone ever again because every single time I do, they leave. There’s no point to it. I just want someone to hug me. I want someone to be there for me whenever I need someone to talk to. And not just anyone, someone [..more..]

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I feel like im losing my soul… Every move i make turns to @*##. I cant keep a relationship…with anyone. I know that im a pain in the ass, but i also know that im very misunderstood at times. Im not a typical depressive. Well, let me anonymously tell yall something. I was a heroin [..more..]

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Friday 26th October 2012


I’m a 15 year old girl and right now i live with my mom, step-dad, and brother. I love them dearly and everything was fine and dandy. But then My real father has to come into my live at the age 13 in a half! Says he wants a relationship with his daughter. Ha! Did [..more..]

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Thursday 25th October 2012


I see him glancing at me time to time. I am not sure whether its what I think ot is or I am just assuming. But the confusion here is about my feelings. I had a crush on his friend last year, he was pretty much my enemy actually when I realized that fighting with [..more..]

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It’s like when you think everything can’t get any worse and then suddenly it does. I’m so tired of everything in my life being perfect for a total of about five minutes. As soon as i’m settled, things begin to be okay, finally… Something goes wrong. Even if its something that isn’t even important it [..more..]

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Wednesday 24th October 2012

I don’t even know how to put this into words. I guess I’ve learned to suppress everything since there’s really no place for me to go… It seems like whenever someone else does something it’s okay, yet when I do something, it’s the worst thing in the world and everyone decides to completely go against [..more..]

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Tuesday 23rd October 2012


I feel so empty sometimes. I’ve got friends and family who support me. But why is it I still feel so empty. I’m breathing and capturing every mountain I climb. With scrapes and bruises. Still emotionless. Goals, accomplishments, and pieces of paper with my marks. What significance does it have. Is it going to fill [..more..]

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Sunday 21st October 2012


I’m not intended to live, I know that, but why am I alive, what is making me live? I’m sick, I don’t know with what, all I know is the pain I keep feeling, its real, it burns. But why does that mean I have to put up with it. The stomach pains, the chest [..more..]

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Friday 19th October 2012

Subtle thought escaping from my dizzy mind..

Slower now is how the world spins, I’m waiting for the drop. Lifting my hands to my face, I realize now is the time to hide. What is left to hide from, have I not uncovered everything? Have I not faced my demons? Why am I still standing here, waiting? Why am I still so [..more..]

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