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Friday 19th October 2012

“When we were in love, things were better than they are. Let me back into your arms.”

Everything makes so much sense after the fact. *I need to find my way back to the start.* I just really miss you. I really, really do. I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t want anything to do with you because I deserve more. I deserve better than how you treated me. But you know that. And I [..more..]

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Wednesday 17th October 2012

“Read when convient”…

I have only known you a short while but, well, I think you are the most amazing, kindest, funniest and most beautiful girl I have ever met. It sounds crazy, but truth is I’m crazy about you. I haven’t told you, and I don’t think I will, but you are bl**dy amazing. I feel I [..more..]

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Monday 15th October 2012

life sucks

everything that i’ve worked for just ended. just like that. i feel like such a loser.

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Friday 12th October 2012

give me advice!!!

my teacher is so hot….old but hot!i am way to young for him.he could be my dad.he is everything to me …kind,caring,supportive,genorous,honest,funny,and really sweet.yesruday he caught me satring at him and he asked me who i was making googly eyes at.only one friend know and when i said that we both started the most [..more..]

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Saturday 6th October 2012

Baby Bear

I met him in 7th grade he never really got my attention he was nice and chill but i didnt like him until 8th grade came. we had 7th period together and he used to blow me kisses across the class room and smile at me and wink to,i thought it was wierd and i [..more..]

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Friday 5th October 2012


I feel like such a bad, selfish person. Lately my mood has been so up and down – like one minute I’m really grateful to be alive and the next I just wish that I could either be a completely different person or stop existing altogether. Everything feels so out of control. I’m way too [..more..]

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love sucks.

i really don’t think he gets it. i like him and only him. he’s the one that makes me smile, he’s the one i can rely on, he’s the one that makes my heart skip a beat, he’s the one i can actually pretend to be something i’m not around people. i have given him [..more..]

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Him .

Wishing I could tell you what I really think , It’s bad enough we don’t talk .. at all ..anymore . Wish were were back in 8th grade so we could meet again and change everything , because i don’t like now . Were I would be yours and you would be mine .

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Thursday 4th October 2012

Life sucks

I’m just tired of everything in life.. Nothing in my life is good. Nothing. I can’t think of anything which makes me happy.. Everything keeps getting worse and worse.. I feel like crap everyday. Everything is just wrong, and i can’t even do anything about it!

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Wednesday 3rd October 2012


its now been a year and half since i first developed this crush. there was something about him that just grabbed my attention… maybe it was his cute half smile? or his laugh? or the way he treated me the first time i really met him? Before that time i had never really talked to [..more..]

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