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I feel like i have no where to run. I’ve been so far away from my family and too much has been going on for me to hold on… two deaths is too much. no goodbyes no last kisses or hugs. i sometimes go nights crying and then when i think that my life is going back to how it was, i realize that it hasn’t. it will never be the same again. never. i cry so much that i cant breath. I pretend to be okay in front of people but thats just because i dont want them to see how badly im hurting. all these people that i live with are not the people i want. i want true friends, like the ones at home. i want someone to actually give a f*** about me. about my life, my feelings, my struggles and my accomplishments. maybe i ask for too much. maybe i dont. I dont know what to think about anything honestly. it sucks.

One thought on “why? oh why?

  1. Anonymous says:

    so start taking all the worst drugs and overdose and die

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