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Posted by on 2012/12/03 under Uncategorized

My life is turning out to be as the life’s in alternate reality’s.You know,those shows,movies,you call it as you want,where everything misplaced..just not right.I realize it(and it sucks in a away),and it irritates me more and more the way it is,but i don’t know how and from where to try,to get it back,to get back to the real thing.The way it should be.What’s worse is that it’s not the first time it happened,and i tried,and i got stuck in a loop..and this time its probably effecting not just me,and im sorry,and i cant even write how much..And,i’m afraid,that..when i get out of it somehow,when i get it right,that ill be the only one,and i don’t want to be fully,definitely without..that someone.I want to make it right.And the time is running out.But i still don’t know how, i guess i’m still not strong enough.And that makes me angry,and sad,and some..knowing what i know,which btw i dont know why i know since it’s not even enough

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