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I cant take being bipolar anymore people get me mad just to see what happens and now i got kicked out of school cause i cut the freaking kid my mom is still doing drugs and i never see my dad i pretty much have only 3 friends life really hates me doesn’t it….

3 thoughts on “Myself

  1. retardgirl says:

    im bipolar too. but not anger bipolar as much as depressed bipolar. il smile for 5 minutes and then all of a sudden , bam rock bottom pessimist. You shouldnt judge your happiness on how many friends you have, atleast you have any. ive got 0. my only friend and i got in a fight and then she moved away. and my moms on drugs too! except she doesnt left to go sit on skid row instead of take care of her sons and only daughter (me) .you cut a kid at shool though? badass. and forget about your dad. we put to much value on our parents anyway. theyr only job is to birth us into this s***hole, our job is to figure it out and make sure we never become anything like them. talk to me though,we have a ton in common.

  2. Walle says:

    hang in there buddy. im bi polar too. whats weird and kinda sad though,as a kid in school i never knew i was bi polar until after i became an adult and accepted that fact especially after seeing my mom in her bi polar state. shes also on drugs so it just make everything worse. i feel you, i used to snap in a quick rage and beat up kids that would make fun of me at school too but never won fights cause i was small. anyway. yeah parents. most parents suck, but that’s not news especially now these days lol. my parents(dad and step mom which was a doctor) new my mom was bi polar and didn’t consider that fact that i was bi polar too. so i got spanked and yelled a lot growing up for being a dysfunctional kid. anyway. you’re not alone, having friends help. you’re lucky you got 3. growing up like retardgirl here i never had any. i guess all i can really say is, do what you gotta do to stay stable and rely on your own choices alone and life will improve. hang in there buddy.

  3. Robert Brooks says:

    IF you have one friend, you are doing better than most.

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