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Sometimes I hate being gay. I never hated myself as much as I do now. It so difficult keeping a secret like that from your whole world and just bottling it up in you. I cant tell my friends cause they don’t understand. it just seems like no one understands. I see couples in public and I just fill up with jealousy. I’m jealous that I couldn’t have a relationship like that without people looking at me or being judged. I cant even publicly come out because I’m afraid of being judged. Yeah my friends can say that their opinions don’t matter, but they still hurt. They still terrify me. I want to find a guy whose able to understand me and my problems. But how am I supposed to find him?

One thought on “I hate being gay sometimes

  1. Anonymous says:

    here’s the thing, yes a lot of people do judge about other people especially if you gay, but not everyone is the same. my friends accepted me for who i am and it was a bit of a shock that other people especially those guys who make fun of gay people to accept me. you have to be able to tell yourself that you like yourself the way you are and not worry about what other people say. now i am not saying that it will be easy because we all know its not but maybe you should consider telling your closest friend maybe he/she will understand but you wont know till you try it. right now my life is as happy as it can get. hopefully you will realize that not everyone is the same. keep in mind that now you get to see more gay people out but hey you make the decision you have all the time in the world and if things go bad, which i hope they don’t then that is just one obstacle you need to surpass.

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