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You know i know i got my whole life ahead of me and right now i am at that point where life is just dull, i don’t know being alone is something that should never happen to someone it can get to people. I am just so…bored of my life at the moment and i know i can do better things, but i just don’t know where to start, also love is just the hardest thing to deal with, like i have these feelings but i’m not going for it, because i know that in the end it will lead to heart break, how do i know i just know trust me i have been overthinking the possiblities that it has been racking my brain and i’m trying to forget about love, but it’s just there, but it’s not the right time, so i am left it a cycle of meaningless motion in my life, and i need to get out of it…

One thought on “I am wasting my life

  1. Anonymous says:

    Life is not boring without love. Trust me, you do not need love to live a happy life. There are so many other things to do out there that are not boring. Start a book. Go ice skating. Call up an old friend. Watch TV or Youtube (My addictions) I promise that good love will come one day. Just stop waiting and let things happen. Enjoy life for what it’s worth 🙂 Good Luck

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