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Monday 8th April 2024

Life falling to s***

I feel sick to my stomach. I've moved half way across the world to a woman who doesn't actually love me. I gave up financial security for financial insecurity and now I'm stuck. I'm miserable and I'm lonely.

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Tuesday 2nd April 2024

I’m sure it’s them

I have been stalked by my ex boyfriend and his girlfriend for over 10 years. It started with them driving past my home, calls and being harassed by their friends. Now it’s everywhere I go. I tried moving and they followed. I even moved to a different state and they followed. They are places that [..more..]

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Monday 1st April 2024

Cheating Boyfriend Alert in Vancouver

VANCOUVER, BC- Justin Smith Accused of Cheating in Vancouver. A cheating boyfriend alert has been issued for Justin Smith, age 45, a resident of Vancouver, BC. According to a flyer circulating in the west end of downtown Vancouver, Justin is alleged to be cheating on his partner with a married co-worker.

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Saturday 23rd March 2024


The gambling game of modern times is very subtle, modern Muslims will not see and realize that it has become more and more true like the parable mentioned in the Quran that Muslims of the end of time are like bubbles in the ocean.

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Wednesday 20th March 2024

My two cents on the Chuggaconroy controversy

Okay so I know that Chugga has been struck with some allegations recently. Now here's what I want to say about it. First when it comes to the foot pics thing. I don't think that Chugga really understood that he was crossing boundaries. The people who he was talking to didn't really make that part [..more..]

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Tuesday 19th March 2024


73 doors. 73 ways. Only 1 way arrived.

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Saturday 16th March 2024

No body cares

I am a kid i am 10 my brother kicks me my mom ans my ddad Dont care about my they thing money and good life is everything I am a human too i need some time thay dont Spend time with me my brother calls me n***a And he does not let me do [..more..]

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Thursday 7th March 2024

True Story

It's just another ordinary evening at the university cafeteria. I had just finished my dinner and was walking out when I saw her– Ms. Kim, the cafeteria worker extraordinaire. Ms. Kim is a middle-aged blonde bombshell with a personality as stern as it is funny and loving. She's the kind of woman who could scold [..more..]

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Monday 4th March 2024


The modern Spongebob Library Of Alexandria(the SpongeBob episodes discord) got burned down for 30 DOLLARS

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Saturday 2nd March 2024

Nigeria is f***ed

How tf did that walking corpse called Tinubu get into power? Gosh. Where is an assassin when you need one. We've got to forcefully take the country back from the psychopathic elders. #KillTinubu

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