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Friday 16th November 2018

Cereal Killer

Necronauts, A list of all the cereals I have tried; Cocoa Puffs (They're coocoo for cocoa puffs!) Reeses Puffs Kelloggs Corn Flakes Cookie Crisp (Cooooookie Crisp!) Heritage Flakes Special K with Strawberries Honey Nut Cheerios Peaches And Cream Cream of Wheat Golden Grahams Captain Crunch (Crunchitize Me Capn') Lucky Charms (They're magically delicious!) Trix (Silly [..more..]

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Survivance (in the face of incestuousness)

Necronauts, Who among us has suffered the plague of incest? If it is something one can survive, does that mean that one can survive anything? Writing and reading machines do what they do in the name of Survival. It is the meaning of philosophies endlessness. Is anyone getting this on camera? (No, because, it doesn't [..more..]

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Thursday 15th November 2018

Is letting things happen a good option

I am having a complete turn in my life….what am I supposed to do…let things go??? But they make me cry..and I cry. Is this what I should do. Cause I see no way out.

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No questions asked

Im right now sitting in a empty bath tub with 0 sleep while on my period.

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God, Why do I feel the suchness of the pain? Why do I feel so lonely? Why am I so (friggin?)dead? What is wrong with Me? Am I going to get more dead soon? When will God give me a break? What is the point of existence if one doesn't get to die at the [..more..]

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Unknowing beneath A little cloud

God, Help pray for this suffering child of God. Help this heart that hurts so bad to take a breath for itself. Help to learn that struggle is the key to emotional and painful sobriety. Help to relieve the bondage of self from the souls of all things and beings of sentience. Help to relieve [..more..]

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Dual, Recoviees Anonymous

Necronauts, I finally found a place where I can address the twin towers in My Recoveries Anonymous work. Because this Program is called Dual Recoveries Anonymous it addresses both parts of My disorder (is that the right word?) (I don't know.) the websighted disorder is called Dual Disorders Anonymous, but I am just so grateful [..more..]

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Pynchon, Malick, and Marker; My hermetic guides through the unconscious collective. Silently Anonymous, -The Archer

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Peyman, M. just got home and what happened that became so annoyed of her? It isn't Me, it's something outside of Me that she's been carrying with Her. Was it grandma that did it? Her sister? The name of THE FAMILIAR? For some reason the toilet isn't working. I am hopeful that we might be [..more..]

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Sex and Pornography Anonymous

God, Help! Help! Help! Keep me safe from the absence of prornographies tonight. I don't want anything to do with it. It is tearing apart my soul-lessness and I need a gain of enlightenment and I CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT THE HELP OF GOD. I accept that I am powerlessness itself and I want to [..more..]

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