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Wednesday 2nd January 2019


i am very very hungry

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I try to forget about everything but I can its hard it just pops up in my head and it messes with me….

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Go back in time

I've been hiding this for 6 years now and it still haunts me till this day. My own brother took a vantage of me and I feel like its all my fault if I could've been smarter and less naïve I would have saw it coming. I wish I can go back in time and [..more..]

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A Good Surprise

If I say I'm shocked that my mom choice me over my dad, that would be an understatement. My mom has been visiting me behind my father's back for a few months. My dad hates me because I'm lesbian but my mom still loves me. Tonight my father found out about her visits and made [..more..]

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Tuesday 1st January 2019

Happy New Year

Currently watching tv and having a mother-daughter farting contest with my mom (she's winning). Happy New Year everyone

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Monday 31st December 2018

feeling angry

I dislike using the word 'hate' and I'm having a hard time expressing my anger over the sickness of donald trump. There has never been such a sick president. This man is evil in the worst way. What he has done to our country is reprehensible. Why he is allowed to continue is beyond my [..more..]

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Can’t Sleep

It's 3:36 AM and I can't sleep

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I need to stop overthinking so much

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Vincent e martz of mercersburg pa

Don’t you have anything too do other than writing stuff on here about yourself like now that answering it like someone is picking on you Vincent eugene martz egor nutcase and your wife you both have computer balls and pussies and you both are psyco but in person you lie scam,steal,murder,call names,harass others like your [..more..]

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Sunday 30th December 2018


So my birth parents want me to come live them, but I don't want to. I want to stay with my adoptive mother who adopted me when I was a baby.

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