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Saturday 25th July 2020

Talk to me

How does is this pandemic affecting you?

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The day that I meet you, I knew it would be the death of me.

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I love cheese

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LIFE WILL hit u. sometimes so get back up

i feel sad

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Friday 24th July 2020


I always wanted to know what people think about true love does it exists or Romeo and Juliet are great example due to lack of communication? People who talk about love cannot even do what is write or react tightly in situation how can they promise to love forever?

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First Post

To be honest I didn't know where to begin I was always at a loss for words I mean until I started writing. my life has done a complete 360 on me and to be honest I didn't know how to handle it. the fact that I got pregnant at 20 to say the least [..more..]

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My third eye

Today I realized that I ate the egg that fell out of the money cage. I have been feeling very sick and now there's a red puss filled bump on my face. When I took a deeper look inside,in to the unseen world in me, I realized that there was another world within me. Osmosis [..more..]

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Thursday 23rd July 2020

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Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Lost my temper at work

I did it twice. The first time was when I was interning at a furniture showroom. I threw a tantrum at a full-time employee there who was older than me. That was awkward. I didn’t think much back then and even found it “cool” that the guy didn’t say anything back and didn’t even show [..more..]

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My Crush On Y Update

I decided to shoot my shot and send him a snap it was a lighthearted pic with me flipping him off and saying "I'm gonna leak ur nudes". This of course was a joke I just wanted to see if he would open the snap on his own and actually talk to me. Well the [..more..]

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