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Monday 12th November 2018

add mee

SNAPCHAT- USERNAMe=hmcreamer47 PLEASE I will follow youe back

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who wants to chat by this

HEy so I just want to talk anyone up to it just by this way

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Sunday 11th November 2018

As the day’s pass

Well let's just say when you first meet me you don't see me as a sad type of girl I'm happy a hugging person just an overall ball of joy…….but that's not why I'm here day by day I hate my life my family fighting some days what I do is not a routine I [..more..]

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Sometimes I want to just disappear. For good. No problems, no hate. Just me and the earth.

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My feelings

Ever felt like its too hard to tell someone your feelings so you write it down? Yeah, thats me. I feel so lonely all the time. I feel numb, sad, even mad. I laugh, I smile, but not for long. Deep down I know Im not happy. Im not anything. I messed up my life [..more..]

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ok so this about me and what I do but I steel from my aunt and uncle all the time everytime I go over there so yeah had to let it out to me

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Saturday 10th November 2018

A List Of Things He’s Done to Make Me Want Him More

LIST: 1) hug me, just us two 2) put his arm around me 3) stare at me in class, only know this because I look at him in class 4) have a nickname for me 5) ran to me to tell me I was in his class next year, which is now this year, may [..more..]

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Friday 9th November 2018

snapchat add me

hey people add me one snapchat hcreamer47 I promise I wll add you back

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A message to someone

To [somone], You are very attractive, smart, funny and tall, I love you very much, and you don't know, I would like you to know, but I also don't, because your also my friend, and I can't risk ruining our friendship, because right now, you are at your most attractiveness, with your hair and your [..more..]

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