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Tuesday 19th May 2020

Deepest secret confession

I cannot rationalise how I ended up in my situation. My stepmother always wanted another child and my dad was never keen / perhaps not able to. One summer she was very touchy with me , I was 19 and very sporty. Things happened that summer both forbidden and taboo in nature , yet I [..more..]

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Sunday 17th May 2020

For better or worse

Watching as a past time when I was younger intervention.I Always thought that depression and substance was a joke until it has affected me in my personal life.Boy I will tell you what it has affected everyone in the family unit I care for my wife so much and seeing her like this makes me [..more..]

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Today I realized that I love so much more than you think. I still want you like the first day we meet when you were wearing that burgundy flowy shirt.Even though you do not love me anymore.I want you to be happy healthy like when I first meet you will always be loved by everyone [..more..]

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$$ SOLVE ALL FINANCIAL PROBLEMS & START UP YOUR DREAM BUSINESS $$$ Hello Everybody… I'm Albert Gonzalez aka cumbajohny a Professional U.S Darknet Carder Investor trader and Hacker who started hacking at an early age of 14 and managed to hack into NASA. I grew up in Miami Florida where i had my first computer [..more..]

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I met a good religious kind. She really spoke to me. She made me realize after 13 or 14 years or so I have been selfish. I don't want to let you go because you were what I only knew of love but you deserve so much more. I hope you know you are deserving. [..more..]

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You B

You make me want to choke on my own tongue. I realized tonight that I was never thankful for you. I never understood what I had because I never had that kind of love. I am so sorry you are deserving of so much more than me. You and your family will do so well. [..more..]

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Excited about growing a herb garden

Yesterday I harvested the culantro leaves and I made flavourful noodles in tomato soup and meatballs. Omg the culantro and spring onions really make things different! I’m so excited to use more herbs that I grow in the garden in my cooking!! Talking about having a garden, I really cannot wait to move into my [..more..]

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the tall boy from across the science room

Why I like you? I have absolutely no idea, no clue what’s so ever. It’s like you’re everything to me, yet i’ve barely said three words to you. I love everything about you, or at least the stuff i know about you, like how you’re funny and kind, defensive and adoring. A single thought of [..more..]

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Friday 15th May 2020

i still like me ex

Me and my ex get on well we were best friends before we started dating and now we are just friends but I think I still him and the other day he said he still likes me but we cant be together because hes popular and im not

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I give up

I give up 🙁 y does no girl want me ever?

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