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Tuesday 3rd July 2018


im ugly crying over a guyu i broke up with and i hate myself for it

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Why Do You Always Do This To Me

You, that word is meant for a specific person, you, I'm using that word since I am talking about a very specific person, and person who means a lot to me, and I can't stand if I lost him, he's one of y closest friends, my sunshine on a rainy day, my shower after a [..more..]

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Monday 2nd July 2018

just some thoughts

Hi it’s me connor I’m typing this out since I don’t know what I have or if I can be helped before its to late So I guess there are going to be a lot of random stuff knowing me lol anyways guess ill start . So I always stayed to myself most of the [..more..]

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Sunday 1st July 2018

Titah Perintah Diperkenan Bunuh Tongku Sultan Melaka

Di tengah-tengah hutan kaum dayak yang koyak di malaysia. Amacam Tongku? Dah berulat tongku! Dah berulat tongku! Dah berulat tongku!

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I am myself. I look like myself

i am a female who hated my long hair. i looked disgusting in long hair, and i didn't want long hair. after much nagging i finally convinced my mom to allow me to get a pixie cut, that was last year. but i also hated it bc my pixie was a bob. i felt so [..more..]

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looking for the right way to live it

some of the things i keep telling myself to help myself move on: thinking about the past, what is done is done, what matters most is what can be done. can you regard the future as the time where you shall try to be all that you can be do all that you can do [..more..]

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Friday 29th June 2018

I’m tired

I’m tired I’m angry I’m sick of being here I don’t exactly want to die That’s a lie I kind of do But really I’d rather just be somewhere else Anywhere else I’ve always wanted to go to the moon Maybe I’ll go there Drift around for a while and touch a star or two [..more..]

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Wednesday 27th June 2018


I am sick and tired of what is happening to Ameriiicccaaaa. Why is it destroying itself from the inside? And so much negativity, so many hateful people trash talking at each. I feel like I just don't belong here at all. And if someone hateful read this, they would ask me to just leave if [..more..]

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Im a living bad luck

I know people will say im just exaggerating or over reacting but sometimes youll just feel very very unlucky you would wish to be dead or havent live at all. I hate myself. Its like i always fail at work. I have passed my resignation letter because i cant take it anymore. I am paranoid. [..more..]

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Tuesday 26th June 2018


How long can someone be sad for. Years and years I have tried to fix myself, Im 26. Just because i'm apparently "young and pretty" doesn't mean i'm happy. Everyday I wake up and live for someone else needing me to be alive. I do this, but its been about 14 years of this. Being [..more..]

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