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Sunday 23rd June 2019


Grandma loves Mortal Kombat and even dressed up as Scorpion last year

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Athens 2016. The complexities of immigration are exposed when four lives collide within the backdrop of Amerika square. Two Greek friends, along with a Syrian ex-Military doctor, an African singer and a human trafficker each navigate the refugees crisis in Athens. When one of their actions becomes the unthinkable, the others are forced to work [..more..]

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Saturday 22nd June 2019


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I need a dog

I need a dog. To pet and cuddle and play with and to go on walks with… I just really need a dog.

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Friday 21st June 2019


i'm gonna deep fry your dog and eat your mamas face. and i'm gonna wear your grandmothers skin like pajamas. and there is nothing, you can do.

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merryville hallowe’en

ghost and ghouls and will terrify your dreams you can't escape the unbearable fate of a merryville hallowe'en (ghost sounds)

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Dolores laboured under no delusions of beauty or physical attractiveness. She knew that few could consider her anything but ugly. But she was glad that the one person who did think her beautiful was Cornelius. When his hands were on her, when they were together, she managed to forget that she was not beautiful, and [..more..]

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Tintoretto was an Italian painter and a notable exponent of the Venetian school. The speed with which he painted, and the unprecedented boldness of his brushwork, were both admired and criticized by his contemporaries. For his phenomenal energy in painting he was termed Il Furioso. His work is characterised by his muscular figures, dramatic gestures [..more..]

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Fake friends and why I can’t be around them anymore (pls read :) need advice)

This is just getting petty…you actually counted how long it's been, and then come over to me and the new people in my life who actually care about me, and tell me it's been a month since YOU kicked ME out and think that I'm the bad guy, I'm done playing your games, you just [..more..]

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Thursday 20th June 2019


eek i opened the coffee jar too hard and they crashed all over the floor !! coffee granule carpet on socks! so sticky

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