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Thursday 16th September 2021


I feel sad right know and I thought it would feel nice to share somewhere. I don't really feel like there's anyone I can talk to about it. No friends where I am right now that are real, and my other friends are selfish. SO is fine but doesn't quite get it. I just feel [..more..]

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Wednesday 15th September 2021


“SMART THEORY” “BE ALERT->BE AWARE->OBSERVE->ANALYSE->ABSORB->ADOPT->ACHIEVE” Beware! It is not advisable even to give your business card to the unknown or just new acquaintances unless they are fully trustworthy. KRISHNAMURTY, AWAREOLOGIST;

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“no matter how temporary, it is still beautiful that i got to call so many hearts my home”

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Tuesday 14th September 2021


Give me a chance. I really want to get to know you

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Monday 13th September 2021

I don’t know why

Today my marriage date is fixed and didn't get any feeling. I didn't get excited nor sad like other girls do. I don't know why? And like always he didn't even congratulate me Or text me. In past I thought when I get married I am going to shopping this and that but look at [..more..]

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Sunday 12th September 2021

Quitting because of a bad colleague

I tendered my new job 3 weeks into the job. Need to serve 1 month notice. At the start I felt really overwhelmed with the workload and how I was being trained. Currently I am 1month 2 weeks into the job and I felt like the workload is ok just need to work extra a [..more..]

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The phase that starts from 13 and lasts till 19 (?)

Why the faq does this teen age suck sooooooo much?!!I mean why am I meeting people who are depressed teenagers just like me?? Isn't there a single, happy, not depressed, positive, simple, normal teenager out there?! If there is, hatts off to you man/woman…. The world NEEDS you so much, you can't even imagine!!!

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My bloody teenage….

It's probably my teenage hormones or thing like that or me… I seem to really hate my family since few years now…. ughhhh!! Why do I feel like such a waste and a loser and a burden??? I feel as if I shouldn't have been born at first place.. I am just an extra and [..more..]

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Friday 10th September 2021

Star TREk visits A Strawberry shortcake Doll with unknown hair with moles like

Once apon of time Sulu and ahura and the rest of kirk's were at their houses then a unknown was in space invisible far where no life just stars were the doll and a yellow haired toy kid read my mind the rest of the way.

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Star TREk meets a kid with yellow hair and a girl.

Read MY MINd

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