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Sunday 18th November 2018

Necronauts Anonymous

God, I just read the entire volume of the first 164 pages of THE FAMILIAR to Alcoholics Anonymous. It awesomely went. I don't know what today might be like but I am patienly becoming longer. I allow God to enter me through the wound of surrender. Silently Anonymous, -The Archer

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Necronauts’ Cat

God, M. feels that Momo is the cat of Me. Where I purchased Virgil with the money recieved from the parents of her familiar. He went missing which is nobodies fault except nobody. I waited at the pet store for six hours for beth so I could get her the cat she wanted. I did [..more..]

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Necronautical Pain (Revisited)

Fat Ass Pompous Ass Ignorant-Ass F***-Ass Big Butt These are the unwretched words of God that I am giving back to Him to do with what he might. I am powerless in the hands of Him and that is a comforting feeling. I relinquish my control over trying to navigate through these bullet wounds and [..more..]

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Necronautical Words of Pain

Necronautical Words of Pain, These are the words of pain I've received from the dysfunctional reality I was born into. And these are the words that I am going to set free, into the heart of my HP to do with what He might. Pig Idiot Stupid Retard Chicken-s*** Whimp Pussy + pussy-whipped Bastard + [..more..]

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Saturday 17th November 2018

Necronautical Preparation

God, M. is about to get up and go to work. And the incomprehensible rage might come up when she refuses to pey me for the goods and services I've provided her. I don't understand it but it just happens. I think it is blind rage. It doesn't know anything about anything. Please protect me [..more..]

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Necronautically Inferior

God, Xanther, M. is on Xanax right now. Just phone off got with Dr. Daryoush Jamalishness and his secretary Rozette (Rozelle?) Roxanna (from Pills Anonymous). I have an appointment with Jamalishness on the 5th and owe him 300 dollars for the appointment I missed. Which seems okay. Seems survivable. The Zombie is in here. Eating [..more..]

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Psychic Awakening?

I have recently been having a lot of dreams that i had years ago, in reality coming true. I remember these dreams because me and my mom always tell and talk about each others dreams. I read some psychic awakening signs and i matched with six out of the ten. I was told by my [..more..]

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Necronautistic Schizophrenia

God, M. and Dad are talking. That is really good news. Sister G. is listening. I just put on Bates Motel for a sense of comfort and relaxednedss. I filled out My paperwork for GR and CalFresh and perhaps CalLearn? And CalWorks? I'm really nervous about working. I don't know if I can fit in [..more..]

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What kind of high strangeness has gotten into this dream?

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Friday 16th November 2018

I’m ready to come out

I've identified as a genderqueer bisexual for several years now. I understand that as a Junior, my feelings and identity are often cast aside as "hormones" and etc, but I really feel like I've reached a milestone today in self-confidence. I've been struggling for years with depression, severe anxiety (+social), ADHD and all sorts of [..more..]

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