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Sunday 9th September 2018

kunun nya…

melayu asli malas lemah gemalai ibarat tarian melayu asli, melayu mamak rajin 24jam sampai mata tak mau pejam-pejam… – Tun Magneto –

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Thursday 6th September 2018


I am ready to blow some government s*** up and know how to do it. Out of work, poor, and very little money each month, hardly enough to pay electricity and I am suppose to be able to pay out 700-1200 a year in car insurance? Just to drive to the store for food and [..more..]

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Wednesday 5th September 2018

I’m Done

I'm done with fake friends. With being treated like a puppet by my own parents. I'm done with all this bulls***. I just can't take it anymore. I'm done with life. I'm done crying myself to sleep. I'm done starving myself. I'm done making myself throw up. I'm done with all this pain. I'm done [..more..]

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I pass through the lanes of your heart every day

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Tuesday 4th September 2018

Just Sayin’

Every morning you wake up, you are one day closer to meeting the love of your life.

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‘indecisive’ is my excuse

Where do I even began… It all started 17 years ago when it was the day I enter the world. That day another human being who is a complete romantic dork was received into the world. Growing up I can always remember the amazing moments when I would smile so hard that my cheeks would [..more..]

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There's this boy, and I made it very obvious when he first started talking to me, that I wasn't interested in dating him. We just wanted someone to talk to, to vent with, so that's how it's been. But there's these red flags popping up, like how he keeps trying to make it sound like [..more..]

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Monday 3rd September 2018


I'm not sure if I'm being fake or unrealistic, maybe I'm trying to satisfy my partner when he's doing nothing for me. I feel like I'm in this marriage alone I'm not even sure if who I am or why am I even still married, Im just breathing and have no not even sure [..more..]

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Unhappy marriage

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