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Thursday 14th November 2019

A deep sadness

In five days it will be two years since my father died. He had a stroke and never got better. He was my only real family he was my rock he kept me sane! i been trying to get my life back on track when he died i lost my home, my job and again [..more..]

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Pregnant again

I'm pregnant with my second child and I'm terrified. I have a son who is almost 4. He's getting to the point where he is getting more and more independent. It's so easy now. We are in a wonderful place and rhythm. I'm 3 mo pregnant and not excited at all. Friends and family don't [..more..]

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Wednesday 13th November 2019


no pig . . .

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Dear Notebook,I'm

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Tuesday 12th November 2019


Only thing I can't accept is it was nothing serious

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Momo has worms coming out of his butt . . . i can't tell me mum though because then she'll prevent Fred from coming . . . what else can i do? isn't this? technically? Beths cat? didn't i go that afternoon to pick him up for beth after snowbell died and then she refused [..more..]

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worst biography ever

She was born in Finland shortly before the 90's recession, but the problems started probably even before that when my father asked my mother to sign surety for a debt. I didn't even know the whole thing until I had already visited mental wards. Now is a good time to start writing, or even need [..more..]

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Don’t batter me with requests; my Dover sole can’t take it, my French fries are fried and I’ve had my chips. Will someone save my bacon? Allow me to egg you on with hash browns and grits all oiled with fats and grease, breakfast for a man condemned.

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where is my writing going? is it even important? when my tears stream down my face nobody will notice my writing is left in silence today these letters are my therapy but maybe tomorrow, these letters will be hold my rage

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IT not the clown

It all starts new Then it moves forward It all becomes experience Then it goes backward It all ends old It all starts fast Then it quickens It all becomes pace Then it halts It all ends slow It all starts quiet Then it wells up It all becomes loud Then it dies down It [..more..]

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