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Wednesday 27th June 2018

Im a living bad luck

I know people will say im just exaggerating or over reacting but sometimes youll just feel very very unlucky you would wish to be dead or havent live at all. I hate myself. Its like i always fail at work. I have passed my resignation letter because i cant take it anymore. I am paranoid. [..more..]

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Tuesday 26th June 2018


How long can someone be sad for. Years and years I have tried to fix myself, Im 26. Just because i'm apparently "young and pretty" doesn't mean i'm happy. Everyday I wake up and live for someone else needing me to be alive. I do this, but its been about 14 years of this. Being [..more..]

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Actually tell me what to do this time!?!?!?

i bust my f***ing heart out to the internet, and no one gives a s***, I loovvveeeee him and I dont know how to tell him, cos he's a close friend and I don't want to ruin everything, tell me what to Doooooooo? If he is on here idk what I'd do if he knew [..more..]

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Monday 25th June 2018

f*** i love him

I only hate her because he loves her so much and i know that i can never give him what she did. One day he's gonna leave me for her and that's ok. He deserves to be happy. And if she's the one that makes him happy then so be it. I know that i'm [..more..]

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Sunday 24th June 2018


We met at the agreed place. My 32 year old brunette wife and your 34 year old blonde wife giggle. After lots of chat, I walk away holding this gorgeous blonde's hand and I see you take my wife back to your room. No condoms. It was truly amazing. So much that I don't know [..more..]

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Tell him

You have my child. We have snuck around for too long. You must tell him. Why are you hiding. I will support you

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when i look at you, i see my future, i see the rest of the life, i see the father to my future children, i see every one of your flaws the just make you so incredibly perfect to me i cry at the thought of losing you . When i first saw you i [..more..]

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Saturday 23rd June 2018

i miss

i miss you i miss you i miss you i know we wont work you dont want me like that or like anything lese i miss you though i miss you i miss you it hurts i miss you

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Would a ‘friend’ pt2

Would a friend be so scared to talk to u? Would a friend grab on to u when he's frightened? Would a friend tell u what's going on in his life about family, probably? Would a friend act so awkward around u? Would a friend love a very small, hard to find youtuber, btw go [..more..]

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Would a ‘friend’

Would a friend let u use his ear phones? Would a friend ask to sit bext to u on the bus? Would a friend insist to listen to ur fav song? Would a friend be so cute in ur eyes? Would a friend put his arm around you for no reason? Would a friend be [..more..]

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