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Friday 9th April 2021

Fat insecure girls

I told my mom about my girlfriend. She was married when we first started dating and when I impregnated her. Her boyfriend broke up with her to have sex with other girls in college. He has no interest to get back with her. She was an angry lesbian that was still confused. She worked at [..more..]

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Should I tell my mom?

I'm a teenager girl almost an adult yet I haven't told my mom what my uncle's dad (not my mom's dad he's my grandma's boyfriend my uncle is the same age as me) did to me when I was around the age 6 or younger I still have this memory of what he did to [..more..]

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our dog just died and its so sad because he knew. He went for a walk through the kitchen and the rooms to say goodbye. I grew up with him and its about to be 2 years since we lost his "brother" 🙁

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Thursday 8th April 2021

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We could use a different level of thinking in this world for the old buy and sell trip doesn't cut it for anybody anymore. You can only get so excited about material objects because they are perishable. Our soul is not perishable and needs to be nurtured certainly more then we do now. We need [..more..]

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Why I want to help

As I’ve read all the stories of young people trying to kill themselves, I can relate. I was there many times before. The first time was when I was 6. A tornado had hit and the pig shed had fell over, but with half of it sticking up. It was probably a seven foot drop [..more..]

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Life is stranger then fiction. Maybe you’ve heard that saying before? Many writers that write fiction, once in awhile stumble upon a story so strange that there’s no way that anyone could have made it up. Not too long ago I remember watching a murder doc, something that I often do, and a gentlemen (I [..more..]

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Feeling to much

Sometimes my eyes just fill up with tears. There is no reason why. Nothing profound. No obvious reason or trigger to pin down. They just do because…. Everything feels like it is too much. When I’m at that point – it’s the small things that sent the first tear falling down. Just a thought or [..more..]

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