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Wednesday 7th November 2018

my thoughts…

All right, to start im a female age 15 and I suffer from anxiety, depression, hybristophilia and way more that I cant even remember the names of. All I know is that im a very violent, cruel person. To start with my self image issues, I have an eating disorder and I am 5'1 and [..more..]

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my dairy

hi dairy my name is elva rios I'm 10 years old and i have a mom,dad and a brother that always plays on his x/box1.well lets get started ok today wait first of all I have a best friend and her name is Yelena avila and she had romiss me that she would bring friendship [..more..]

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Political Parties

In the end – if our party is truly OURS, doing what is best for the party should be doing what is best for the country. The tricky part is determining if we are doing what is best for the party or simply what is best for the politicians in that party. –The Logical American [..more..]

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Election Day Logic

Empowering obviously corrupt politicians within a party will only weaken the integrity, and ultimate success, of that party. If you have no doubt that the politician you want to vote for cannot be trusted, don't give that politician your vote! The effect of such a vote might, in the short term, put your preferred party [..more..]

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Good thought for election day

Consider your 'core' issue: the issue that defines your political ideals. The thing that you get emotional about above all else. The thing that often draws a person to a political party – and, as such, these are often the main things that politicians distract the public with during debates. Take this issue, with all [..more..]

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Am I Joke?

Have you ever heard "When you get to college you'll be in control"? Well I'm pretty sure we've all heard this bulls***. I used to imagine how much freedom I would have to chose my own courses. But that was all a dream because now that I am in college; I barely have that choice. [..more..]

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Tuesday 6th November 2018

I need advice

So, i'm just going to say it straight up. My best friend is in love with the boy i'm in love with too. To make things worse he's in a relationship with one of our acquaintances and i'm helping my best friend get his attention while hiding my feelings so my friend could be happy. [..more..]

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Monday 5th November 2018


When the curses are plenty and the talk is cheap, breathe. You're not the only person to go through this. The logic is simple, yet not cheap. No one will know what you are going through or the emotions to follow. The coming and going will be a memory quicker than you will know. Breathe. [..more..]

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Sunday 4th November 2018

The Moment

When you realize that time is only your enemy, you tend to hurry things up a bit more. Finding life. Finding your place. Finding the right from wrong and vice versa. The most important of all is that you forget that time is the most important. That is your only thing that will hold you [..more..]

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Thursday 1st November 2018

jam fam ( FULL )

So we up in jamaa man Looking to jam Me and the jam fam Cause you know that we can Throw the biggest party that AJ ever did Trying to get subscribers to join this creation that's lit We know we're the best jam fam ever reaching Jamaa Every where we go the party's here [..more..]

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