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Friday 10th September 2021


Today is my birthday and he is not even wishing me. Did I something wrong? Or am I not worth for him. Every one wishing me but he is not.

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Wednesday 8th September 2021

She Knows What Is Coming Next!

I watched as she picked up the ice pack and touched it to his scrotum. His sack began to contract and his balls tightened. She was intent and very serious in her look. She was on a mission. A faint smile of satisfaction crossed her face as his ball sac shrunk. She knew that would [..more..]

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Tuesday 7th September 2021


If you want to be with me, just tell me. Just give me a chance. I promise I will make it worth your while -girl

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Sunday 5th September 2021

Sohu contact forum discussion

By using an online discussion, We hoped to motivate collaboration also to provide students an organized possibility to work together to get the answers to queries that they had been having difficulty with. This activity might also provide another wanted benefit — this would help students to practice composing and explaining principles just before doing [..more..]

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Age gap

I would be lying if I said the age gap between us doesn’t bother me. It does but it doesn’t. 30 years is a lot…. but I can’t help to fall for him. I’m in my mid-late twenties and him in his fifties. Such a smart, charming human being you are. We have so so [..more..]

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Ariel and Triton's relationship was largely abusive from the start, with Ariel becoming a slave and Triton being sexually obsessed with her. When Ariel was freed by Poseidon, she became a very powerful sorceress.

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Friday 3rd September 2021

Am I expecting too much?

It's been five days today to our roka. He didn't even give me a call. I know it's our arrange marriage but he should have been give me at least a call. In our very first meeting he gave speech about importance of family and now when I am going to become part of his [..more..]

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Thursday 2nd September 2021

oldness and the faint glow of sadness

way leads unto way, and now it's too impossible to go back, or to dream it were different. don't leave things unsaid. because, years later, it will haunt you. i don't know why these memories rage, after years left unthought of, untouched. i just miss being seen. i miss you.

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Sunday 29th August 2021


The final fight in Catwoman but it is Andy and Miranda from Devil Wears Prada

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Saturday 28th August 2021

a phase

just months ago, i was ranting and rambling about how i felt like crap because of school but now, i'm aiming for grades that are unlikely for me to obtain. but as they say, it doesn't hurt to dream. i've been pretty good with school now, i'm up to date with announcments, homeworks and all. [..more..]

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