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Tuesday 30th October 2018

goddamit what are these feelings

i hate you so much you make me so angry but at the same time i can't help but be close to you just to have you anywhere near me makes my heart skip so many beats to hear your voice like rainwater in the amazon your like a f***ing burnt marshmellow hard outside but [..more..]

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i would like to start this rant by first off saying that anything is say is not about you but i need to get this out now F*** ME F*** THE SO CALLED GOD IN THE SKY F*** THE GUY INFRONT OF ME F*** THE WOMAN NEXT TO ME F*** THE LADY THAT THINKS SHE'S [..more..]

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nothing good will ever happen to me:(

My mom is a lier. however you spell it go away my mom is poop she said I could by a relly cool gigantic spider for haloween now she says no she said I could buy a pound cake-no longer a costume I want no, I have to b a fairy! im 17 wat is [..more..]

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Secluded…and forgotten

I feel so alone. I only have him next to me. And thats great. I love him. Hes done so much. He tries so hard…but it still hurts. I have no one else. No friends. No family. My own mother ignores me. I was never wanted by her. My brothers were much more loved. After [..more..]

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Monday 29th October 2018

Free to Be Me, Him by My Side

I thought I existed to make other people happy. Now I'm dating someone (we'll call him A) who encourages me to pursue what I REALLY want. He treats me with such respect and dignity that I'm feeling more confident now. I feel I can be a better partner and feel more genuinely connected. We are [..more..]

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Saturday 27th October 2018

I really do love you

I know people have lied to you when they've told you that they love you but I promise I will never lie to you. I swear to every single god there might be that I won't hurt you like the others did. They don't realize how f***ing amazing you are. There are so many things [..more..]

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Pinky promise.

All these new things when I promised myself nothing in excess should be taken. Now how? Why did I form a bond when I wanted to break. But then I don't want to hurt anybody. But these are things that ppl anyways get hurt. Lol. I can't read and write i am filled with f***ing [..more..]

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Friday 26th October 2018

He’s Perfect

He's perfect, in every way shape and form There's nothing I can do to love him more He's always there when I need him most But he doesn't know he's the one I love He's perfect, although he may not see it But he is loved, he is very loved And thinks no one loves [..more..]

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Damn! I am addicted to what I feel

I definitely addicted to the way shipping right feels, I want to leave everything and hunt n hunt, Maybe then start, But.. Like… I have ao many other things to do… And I waste n waste all my time….. Why? I need to leave it all.. For once leave it all…

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Thursday 25th October 2018

nowhere to go

Have you ever entered into a dark room? Have you felt like the walls around you would collapse and you would be buried alive? You wouldn't die instantly but slowly, maybe even lay there for days until someone from a search team found you. You have no food, no water, just silence and your thoughts [..more..]

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