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Monday 11th November 2019

Where Have I Gone to?

My head hurts, my stomach is twisted, I am mentally tired and I have no absolute Idea of who I am. I am lost in my mind and I do not know where I have gone. I am the lost puppy who has lost it's way home. How must I save myself from drowning in [..more..]

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today I have work, but I decide not to go on my work. I don't know what I am feeling right now. I want something to happen but I don't know what it is. its looks like I'm just wasting my time. maybe

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this passed few days I been watching sex video, do you think this will not be good for me? what should I do? can anyone answer me plsss?

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I'm looking forward to the day I get to spend time with you. I really want to see you.

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money problem

i need money to build our house.. but the source of income is gone.. y it is hard for me to get money while for others it is so easy.. im getting deppressed coz i only got 1 source of income and it is not enough. so much things to do involving money hayzzzzz.

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Saturday 9th November 2019

never take a mans sandwich

i worked in a job and the van we were working in, got taken away with our packed lunch/sandwiches in, me and a fellow worker, whined and screamed like bitcches they tried to give us hamburgers and hot dogs at a burger bar, we refused and demanded our sandwiches, the co worker, even said his [..more..]

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Friday 8th November 2019

Be Original

I don't know if any one has noticed, but it seems the majority of the females are all trying to stereotype two models, the kardashian and nigger wannabes. Both are tacky. The fatassslut role modle is something of a fantasy, your not going to get rich acting like that tramp, she was born into the [..more..]

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Thursday 7th November 2019


The wind is as gentle as you. But unluckily, you've got married.

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Moving on…

Almost a month ago when we both decided to go on our own separate way. I'm still healing but I can say I'm getting better. Every now and then I think about him and it can't be help. No one knows what I'm going through. I am happy and all smiley outside yet inside I'm [..more..]

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I feel so broken. My heart hurts so bad, and there's nobody to talk to about it. I'm falling apart. Help… Please.

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