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Friday 31st January 2020

Once upon a time

There was innocence. Always looking at life with wonder and excitement. Now just an empty, broken person remains. Stay afloat don't let life pull you down you kaleidoscope of a mope.

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Thursday 30th January 2020


Hi anyone? Feeling really sad today. Could really use a hug pls

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Change your mentality

I feel bad for the girls that never got attention growing up. I know several women now that we're fat and not very cute growing up. They have lost weight now and are letting every guy with a Woody let them poke em. This one woman is really bad she was ugly and fat but [..more..]

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50s housewife right now

I have no life. I am with my children 24/7. I clean, cook, and do laundry all day. We are like an old married couple, there is no romance in my life. I don't care for material items because I have no use for new clothes, makeup, or my own cell phone. If and when [..more..]

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Something about the rain

The rain was steadily falling, she ran to his truck to jump in. They were going to go hiking, but plans change. He wouldn't stop glancing over at her. Trying to dodge the potholes on the old country roads her perky tits kept bouncing. She leaned over and kissed his cheek as she moved to [..more..]

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They are watching

From being on this site and Novni my Pandora now has advertising for schizophrenia meds.

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how long do i boil an egg for

how long i boil an egg for? i would like to know im thhinking 10 minutes but i am not totally sure i dont want to catch da sam a hella fook dat s*** you know wat i fooking mean ?

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Wednesday 29th January 2020

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This website

I love this website

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A period of mourning after a loss, especially after the death of a loved one. The seven stages of grief include shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing, and acceptance. The grieving process ends once an individual is able to go about their days with increased acceptance of their loss and an ability to experience positive emotions. I [..more..]

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