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Posted by on 2023/01/11 under Life

Excited like a puppie
happy to see you
Glancing your face as you watched tv
each moment like heaven
scribbled love letters as you slept angel like
afraid to touch such beauty with these inferior hands
tender warm embrace i never wanted it to end
my heartfelt scribbling ment nothing to you as we were just friends
i was the go to guy the one who would always be there for you to depend
boring dull and dead inside until i met you, you made me alive
id try to stay positive i tried i tried i tried
id cry on weekends as you went off to lay by anothers side
i died i died i died
i cried i cried i cried
you came to see me like nothing had happened
inside i had to hide,inside i cried
as your lover left and i was the man by your side
i was the husband as you went to your lover
i should have been more of a man should have just grabbed you and ****ed you
but it seemed so raw when i actually really loved you
after a while you started to notice
when others let you down i was always there
you started to notice i was the only one who cared
you started to want me even tho temptation from others was hard to bare
you started rejecting them and wanting me
it was just too late after all that had been done
you knocked my walls down
i was rebuilding as you kicked them down again
this was going around in circles
i should have cut you off right away
you started to want me when i had enough
you trode all over me then layed ontop of this scrapheap of a man
wiggled in the sh*tand smiled
crushed me down small so you could then cuddle your pathetic love sick puppy
and say *ahhhh bless your little cotton socks*
you screwed me up like a piece of paper,threw me in the trash
only to take me out and try to straighten me just to screw me up all over again
this push and pull drove me insane
i cant stand the pressure then be all fine with you
i explode i explode i explode
i unload i unload i unload
it was all too much to take
im trying to let you in but it doesnt work anymore
you were making me fight
you made me bend then made me break
i withstood all i could take
i took everything you threw at me
you hurt me so much into hurting you back
why did you cry if i ment nothing to you
id sit on a bus for hours going around in circles
it didnt matter where i went …
i couldnt breathe without you
you were my poison and my antidote
i looked like sh*tand why did it matter anyway if im not with you
i couldnt sleep
i looked on the internet for *how to heal my broken heart*
it said time is a healer
it took me years to get over you
even though you never felt the same
it was not true love…
i felt something so strongly for you
the pain was too much to take
like drowning in a lake
i ****ed up this love story
so ive walked away again
when you gave everything to him
this story is ending bad you showed me the pain that i did not feel
you dont feel anything for me
so why pretend?
why did you cry if i ment nothing to you?
why did you cheat if you wanted me?
why why why?
why`d you say you love me when you`re with someone else
why`d you make this about me when its about yourself
why`d you hurt me when it comes back you
ill be ignored again
now im used to it
i wanted this love
i wanted this story
i wanted the perfect saturday
but now its the end of the story
the end of the game
again you ignore me
again i am shamed
i have to twist this
i had to find pleasure in the pain
it was the only way
to get over you

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