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Posted by on 2023/01/14 under Life

Ive not masturbated today, my balls have no idea whats happening as they have not shot cum. My balls are perplexed and in a state of unknowing..

I deleted my porn collection yesterday and now downloaded a few scenes again today.
I have been watching a briana banks movie where she has full sex with mark davis and after the climax, she lays on him, they kiss and caress eachother. Its just so sublime i cannot stop watching it as she groans, i have been trying to get the scene out of my head but i cant.

I masturbated tonight, over a woman and man f***ing in a big house on the beach, behind their husband and wife`s back. Its just so wrong its bad. I get tempted to watch this kinda s*** from time to time, forever transfixed in a world of lusty cheap loser filled sex. I`m single its what i do. Nothing to kiss or touch nothing emptying my nut sack, oh god i`m so romantic!

I masturbated over a video of a woman with very large breasts and piercing blue eyes, when she looks into the camera i almost faint, She was doing a scene with a short hung stud who started out giving it to her very slowly. She has made three or more scenes with this guy, she must like him. im jelly. Wish i was a hung stud.

Ive gone a few days without jerking off now, im proud of myself.

I f***ed up i banged one out after going almost three days without a fap, f***s sake.

I watched porn last night, guy on the bed, in clothes and the woman in shorts and t shirt, got on the bed and sat near him smiling, he touched her belly and put his hands on her waist, she smiled, they locked hands, kissed, i know it sounds silly, its not sick, or porn, well it was, but it started like that, and it just made me crave being close to a woman so much, for those kisses, those cuddles and hugs, being close.
snuggling up, touching a bit. HUMAN TOUCH I LACK.

I keep thinking about the pornstar Brianna banks, she is lodged in my brain, Im so touchless, it hurts so much. Ive been single too damn long.

why cant i sleep, all this bulls*** in my head tonight, its also the first day without jerking off, maybe its to do with that,

Sigh i just cummed over briana banks porn again she was with some older short dude who was hung and gave it to her good, she groaned as she swallowed him. They seemed to be grudge f***ing with no emotion, it was pure business pure filth.

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