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Friday 16th October 2020

My life

everyday I wake up and don't want to leave my bed I have a sickness in my stomach in just the thought of having to go to school and put on a game smile it's killing me slowly I come home everyday depressed and feel as if I want to self hall in the end [..more..]

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Thursday 15th October 2020


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Some scattered thoughts for people here

I feel so defeated right now. I've not felt happy in some time. The air feels so thick in my lungs. The first time i wrote on this website was more than 5 years ago. I fnd myself coming back againa nd again, when i really need to write something down. I wonder if people [..more..]

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Fuq-ed up !!

You know what ? I am tired , done. Yes , am so done with my parents, I just wanna go away from them as soon as possible. If it wasn't the 'CORONA TIME' right now , I would be happily and gladly living in a fuqing hostel …. I am just 15 years old [..more..]

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my story:

Nobody here knows me and it makes me comfortable sharing my story by people who aren't brainwashed by thinking it's for attention, or that I use this story for empathy, or anything other than it just being my story. When I was younger I grew up in the same household most grow up in. I [..more..]

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I feel so tired

I feel so tired and defeated. It is not exactly that my job is bad. But there is just so much work and day after day I hope that I won't have to work in the evenings and weekends anymore but that is still what I do for the past 1 year. I have been [..more..]

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Tuesday 13th October 2020

I will be ignored here also!

I have read few of the articles here and i am really amazed how beautifully people express their thoughts. Sorry i will not be able to write perfectly. I really need someone to listen to the ocean inside me. I am really a mess i need my life to be dorted its like i am [..more..]

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rambling/venting i guess.

i want the kind of love where no matter what happens to either of you the relationship somehow works out. where you guys help eachother through emotional battles endlessly and though given ' reasons ' to leave by the other partner they still dont cause they know deep down its not true at all. i [..more..]

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i want the kind of love where both of you come from absulute s***, but help eachother sooth, or kind of ' fix ' eachothers mental illnesses or in general. i feel like ill never have it but heres to hoping my partner isnt lying to me after all these months.

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Can you relate?

I haven't been feeling like myself lately. I'm just so afraid that it's true the thing they say. You can't be happy for too long cause something is just gonna come up out of the blue and you're gonna go back to where you were, feeling a certain way that you don't like …

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