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Monday 19th November 2018

Necronauts Anonymous

We believed that we were being saved from the ravages of time. We believed that The Father of All Heavens, The All-Mighty One, that he would save us from the torments of being alone, of being unsane human consciousness in the form of being. Master Redford convinced us that we were dead. That without death [..more..]

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Necronautical Anonymity

God, Do you believe in God? I am struggling to understand the process and the actuality of beliefiness. I have lost the cloud of unknowing and I am willing to move forward. Appreciation regards God as something other. God please help God get back into the writing machine? I don't even know what writing was [..more..]

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Inauthenticity is not Authentic

God, How exhaustion feels. It is interesting being back here. I don't know, to express it would be to express the most precise, accurate, to the bone unknowing. Grateful and something else am I. I am so glad Momo made it. I hope he isn't so scared. /////////// Just raed a portion of Goosebumps' Haunted [..more..]

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Caressing: Skin, Soul, Spirit

Your face is a landscape, lips curving like waves, crashing and splashing as they wish, with an energy unto themselves. Your eyes mirror every sparkle, every shimmer I know you see in the world. They focus in, squinting… with a teasing smirk, I know I'm in the best of trouble, for a lovely long while. [..more..]

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Necronautical Manipulation

God, Everyone is trying to be mean to Xanther, saying she is acting as lazily as possible. That she isn't worth her dumbstruck. That she is poor, useless, and unredeemable and that her silence is just a cop out to not get involved in the affairs of the politicians. I just found a Program called [..more..]

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Necronauts Anonymous

God, Being, Time, I am not here. (then where am I?) Sister G. is picking things up for the movers who might be coming in some timeishness. Please keep me protected from the incestuous nature of these beings without unloving them. Help me to approach their dread, hurt, and angst with remorse, emptiness, and compassion. [..more..]

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Sunday 18th November 2018


Are these movies pessimistic? Anti Christ by Lars Von Trier Synechdoche, New York by Charlie Kaufman

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you know mom told me that we were to young to love,maybe she was right. I know she was right we were too f***ing young why didn't we wait actually why didn't we mature together why couldn't we f***ing grow up a little more. now here I am pregnant hiding it from my family, not [..more..]

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God, I just had a no-tuna salad sandwich and it was soooooo good. I really acknoledged about much emptiness emptied it. I hope M. can get some more when the absence-time is possibly right. I still have some left so tomorrow morning that might be what breakfast is. I appreciate the listeing of God. Please, [..more..]

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