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Monday 1st June 2020


Im tired of people assuming im racist just because im white. The most racist comments I heard do not come from white people

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I just wanted to talk

I push people away, I don't like trying to maintain friendships because not only are they exhausting to me, but you must put in effort on both ends to maintain them. I then continue to think did I do enough, am I being a good friend, or do they have motivation behind this friendship. I [..more..]

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Im so happy im moving to a new town.

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Albums I’ve listened too

Beerbongs and Bentleys – Post Malone Father of Asahd – DJ Khaled The Saga of Wiz Khalifa – Wiz Khalifa So Much Fun – Young Thug High Off Life – Future WUNNA – Gonna Lil Boat 3 – Lil Yatchy

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Sunday 31st May 2020

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Saturday 30th May 2020


The mental health counseling is going great! It's helping. Been working on me. If anyone is going through a tough time or needs the extra help mentally, I really recommend it. She has me journaling (privately), taking me time (art, reading, bubble baths), and working on issues that should of been dealt with long ago. [..more..]

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Come one, come all! Step up, take a look inside!

Jealous? Hatful? Insecure? Come on down, come all! Step up and join in on digging into me. Give it your best shot, hate on my looks, talk about my faults, joke about how dumb I am, send people to mumble threats to me. You feel better? Does it fill you up? Make you giggle a [..more..]

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Wishful thinking

The scent of lavender fills the room The constant noise from the air purifier is all I hear Soon I'll get sleepy My body will relax, thoughts calm I'll gently fall into a deep slumber With a full night of REM I will wake energized Mind will think clearly, body rested, eyes less sunken You [..more..]

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Yeah, that.

Acne in your thirties is like having metal braces in your forties. Sure there's nothing wrong with it but you look pretty stupid. I'll probably still be having acne and get my braces by then. What a confidence killer!

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I'm pale because of this I can see all my veins and arteries in my wrists. When I've had a hard day or just feeling extra down I think it would be so easy to just slice them clean. My skin is thin it wouldn't take much pressure. As the blood drains from the cut [..more..]

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