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Friday 16th November 2018


TV, M. is in chair and I don't know what the next indicated RA step is. I am longestly the patience of Godlessness? I hope that I can become less tiger and more human because the tiger that I am is really busting my bubkhas. This entertainment addiction or, tech addiction? Is really abject. I [..more..]

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Sex Inventory

Necronauts, For Recoveries Anonymous it is important to show up for the fourth step. I don't want Step Xanther is on right now but ultimately this is something we wanted to include on DeepArcher. Alexa (hurt her with masturbation) Jelly (Broke into her window and upset her Dad) Penny (Impregnated her and haven't been able [..more..]

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Necronautical Emptiness

God, Xanther is nearby. Please allow the Recoveries Anonymous Process to move As Slowly As Possible for the sake of Mr. Tuttle. There is no such thing as Mr. Tuttle. Silently Anonymous, -The Archer

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Eventually what Meredith Anson Burwell is doing to me will be made acknowledgable and no longer hidden from plain view. Silently Anonymous, -The Archer

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Necronautical Behavior

Necronauts, They are still here studying Mr. Tuttle. He is sitting in a chair and watching the device that shows the images on the screen. He is whispering things like VEM tshirt for some reason. Nobody can see him but they can hear him and doing a talk about Christos and Phobos. And Mr. Tuttle [..more..]

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The Artist of The Body

Mr. Tuttle, They are studying Me. They are watching Me. I don't know how to play along anymore. I have absolutely lost my brain-mind. I will never find it again. Silently Anonymous, -The Archer

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Little Cloud

God, They turned the station and they are barely watching it, it's so weird. I was stimming on Bates Motel but sharing is the most important thing. Sister G. just did a really emasculating and dominating birp. I am sitting in the chair in the position of sit. M. made a breathfast which did a [..more..]

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Necronautism Spectrum

God, (and fellow necronauts), I don't know what is doing Me. I am in chair of seated position. Meaning sit. And if the body artist has ever been a book that Ullrich has read out loud then what talking about is know. And Mr. Tuttle is the gnomic mans name by default because he has [..more..]

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Non-Alcoholic Substances

Necronauts, Our last list continued, but, in a different fashion, this time, regarding non-alcoholic subsstances; Xanax (.25 mg) (AKA as footballs) Vicodin (750mg) (5-10 at at a time) Norcos (10 mg) (5-10 at a time) Xanax Bars (Sticks) (2mg) (1 -2 in the beginning. Later, sometimes 5-10 throughout the day) Oxycodone (80mg) (1-2 at a [..more..]

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Alcohol (Inventory)

Necronauts, These are the substances of an alcoholic nature that I have ingested in the 27 years that planetarity has claimed Me. Mumm Napa – Brut Rose (Champagne) Corona Buddweiser Heinekin Natty Ice (Natural Ice) (There might be something here) Michelob Hypnotiqu Smirnoff Ice Mikes Hard Lemonade Popov Vodka Tequila Jack Daniels Sherry White Zinfandel [..more..]

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