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Sunday 29th March 2020

Just a toy for your entertainment

F***ery, d***ory, dock The chicken clucked a c*** The c*** was boiled so it didn't spoil F***ery, d***ory, dock

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When I watch porn it's all about f***ing. There are no emotions besides from the way over dramatization of the female asking to get it harder. Then faking an orgasm like he's the best she ever had. Along with fake moans, heavy breathing it's all just sex. Of course the female has to act like [..more..]

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Hardest words to hear

Let me live without you. My heartthrobs just reading this.

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tw: suicide

god, if you want to torture me like this, for giving me this sensitive heart, for giving me this face, for giving me this body, for giving me all that i never want and asked for, please just let me die. i f***ing hate my life. i never asked to be born. please, just let [..more..]

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only the starting point

Policies in criminal justice alter the organization and management of criminal justice by changing the tactics and strategies that were performed before. The ultimate goal of these policies is to have public safety in mind. This was challenged after 911 and in cases like Arizona v. United States. Policies were changed and brought into place, [..more..]

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Could you excuse me while I express myself , please!

When people tell me that I am bipolar, dramatic, or crazy because of me expressing my thoughts, emotions, or feelings, it makes me mad. Am I not allowed to express myself in a healthy manner? Why do you say that I have some mental illness to be feeling anything? Isn't it natural to express oneself? [..more..]

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What should i do

I have a feeling that im starting to like this guy whose my friend but i know his never going to like me back should i just go for it and shoot my shot ? But im afraid of losing our friendship we arent super close we are just friends but i still really enjoy [..more..]

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Saturday 28th March 2020

Just got done watching porn

Pretty sure all nasty, skanky pornstars have either barbed wire around the arm tat, tat behind the ear, or a tramp stamp.

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I usually live like there’s a quarantine

Many are freaking out about this quarantine but for the last 7 years of my life I live most days like this. I'm not quite sure what the issue is? You can still go outside. We hike and play in the yard. You can go grocery shopping and get gas. You can take a car [..more..]

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He asked me what I truly wanted

So I told him the truth. That I wanted to be alone, I wanted a career, that I wanted to travel and engulf myself in new cultures. He cried a lot. I held mine in because that's what I do best. Later, as I silently cried, I apologized for what I had said and told [..more..]

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