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Monday 7th January 2019

How Do You Like It?

I might be a tad naive but, I learn quick. I will shatter your belief that I'm so innocent. So savor your surprise, I could tip you like a vintage wine. A whisper down your neck, I could wrap your muscles tight. Or sing your silhouette. Darling, please don't make me guess. How do you [..more..]

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To you who read this

All of you are going through tough times. I get that. I go to group therapy every Saturday as part of my recovery from anorexia. For my last session, the therapist had everybody in the room write down upon a scrap of paper their greatest current fear as well as a sentence. Any sentence. It [..more..]

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I miss her. She's only asleep, but I miss her. I want to see her, to rake my fingers throughout her hair, to wrap my arms around her and just hold her through the night, to breathe against her neck when it's snowy and wet and cold outside. I want to wake up in the [..more..]

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i care about you

i love you so much, and i'm so sad that you are unable to love yourself. i hope you're okay. i'll see you tomorrow and i only wish to bring you joy and happiness. i hope you can let go of the hurt you've been holding onto, i am here for you completely. somehow all [..more..]

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my whole life has been a rollercoaster of hurt and pain, of sorrow and disdain. hate is a pitiful feeling that i feel towards nobody but my own damn self, and it grows stronger every time i look in the mirror and see myself. but now i do not even have to look in the [..more..]

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read this.

ok so my boyfriend is a hard ass and he has a strong ass opioion and it drives me crazy he is not scared to tell anyone what he is feeling and he happens to tell me what and how he feeling with no problem regardless of how im feeling last night he made himself [..more..]

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At least, allow me to imagine

At least, allow me to inagine, In a parrallel universe, You were there, A few feet in front of me. I never knew I'd see you again, after all these years. Do you ever know That you've been the only person I've felt close to after all these years? Do you ever know That you're [..more..]

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People always give me weird looks when they learn that I'm a 14 year old black teen being raised by a 62 year old white woman

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Sunday 6th January 2019


Spongebuddy Mania used to be a good site, but then the lead admin started to defend his pedophile friend. Now everybody has moved to Spongebob Community.

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I miss Kat

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