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Posted by on 2023/12/16 under Life

i first met you in p5, you were a beautiful girl, i fell for you depper and deeper everyday. i wish u coupd be mine, but you probably hated me. your friend hated me too. I was fat, ugly, useless, stupid, even i hated myself. everytime i dreamt of you, i was happy but when i wake up, i find myself crying knowing i dont at all deserve you. We were never in the same world to start with. Iys been 11 years, i thought i could forget you, but whenever i start daydreaming, its always you. it always have been u and no one else. I wish i could have you but you are now enjoying your life with your boyfriend. You probably dont know i still like you. you are still ever so pretty. if i ever were to come back into your life, please know that i probably am gna kill myself after or i proably jave a deadline. I love you Jowie, these 4 word still seem awkward to me but its the only words that are always in my mind. I love you and i have made a lromise to myself to never come back to your life.

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