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Addressing the Spam

For a long time I’ve been hesitant to add a lot of spam prevention to this site, after all you should be able to write anything. However, the bots are getting more annoying and the site was turning into a junk mail site. Hence I’ve now put recaptcha on a number of places of the [..more..]

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Question for those who write Anonymously…

For many years SomeWhereToWrite has existed supporting anonymous posts. Sadly since 2010, when the site was created, the world has changed a lot. Items such as GDPR, CCPA and many more privacy laws, have all since been introduced. This site is very much at risk of these laws. The only way it can come compliant [..more..]

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This site rocks!

It really does

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Site Updates

Hi STW’er, the site is slowly getting an upgrade. It should be much faster with cloudflare now caching the site and it’s also now more secure running in HTTPS mode. I’ve got plans to make a mobile app and make the site work much better in a mobile browser. If you have any suggestions on [..more..]

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Never Give Up On Life

When you feel like there is no way out. When you feel all is hopeless. Just believe. Life is a gift, and whether you realise it or not you are blessed to have this gift. There will be times in your life when you will feel down. Times when you will feel hopeless. We all [..more..]

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In Love

My Dearest Carly, We have now been together for over 10 years and whilst there has been moments in those 10 year where we’ve been each others worst enemy, they are nothing compared to the joy that you have brought me. With the very recent birth of our second child Rachel, and us actually being [..more..]

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Goodbye to a Wonderful Dad

Only a few days ago my Dad passed away. Aged 65. We all knew it was coming, he had lung cancer caused by years of smoking. He did the standard stuff, radio therapy, chemo, etc. There was a few months of hope when the cancer went into remission, a scan even showed that it had [..more..]

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Hi visitors, behold the new <a href=”” > SomeWhereToWrite Interface, it’s still not complete but at some point I had to do the switch. If you have comments, please add them to this post. (Update: I note a number of visitors don’t like the site. Please, if you don’t like the site tell me why. [..more..]

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