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Monday 9th October 2017

the now

the past haunts me only because i am curious and i think i need to know where everyone was when i was opening mye eyes.

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Sunday 8th October 2017

morning rants

missing you yea it hurts and sometimes wanna push further but i also know these are the times we just not waste cos its not a waste but preparing for tomorrow. what we do today always prepares for what's coming tomorrow. none of this is is wasting our time none of this waiting and wondering [..more..]

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i have absolutely no one and i cant take this anymore f***ing kill me already

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i ask how

how do you keep things simple, how you do you tell your voice from the others, how do you know your truth, and recognize it in others, how do you stand tall even after all the storms and life's little trials, how do you smile so genuinely and bright even though you just walked through [..more..]

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Saturday 7th October 2017

To Someone

Dearest Goofy, Sorry. I hope you will read this. Among the 3, you're the one I get close to. I hope you don't hate me, I'll get sad. Huhuhu 🙁 :c I'm sorry as much as I want to talk to you more. I've told you already, I feel like someone has been listening to [..more..]

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To Someone

Dearest Romantic, Among the 3 people I met, I strongly felt that you are Obi 1, that's why I avoided you because what if my feelings will resurface? I'm scared of it. And aside from that I avoided you because you're famous. I feel like, if I get closer to you, your fanatics will get [..more..]

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To Someone

Dearest Lovely, I hope you'll get back to writing but you're busy with school. Thank you for accomodating me before and sorry, as I look back, I'm such a pain, I was like an investigator. Sorry! Hehe I hope you're doing good with your studies. And also I hope you have a loving and harmonious [..more..]

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To Someone

Dearest Let's call you Obi 1, It all started with how I felt for you. But I think you thought I was someone you admire or you mistook me for someone because we have similarities with regards to our beliefs, views in life, hobbies/ interest. I really don't know. Only the universe know. I've told [..more..]

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di sapat

Lahat naman ginagawa ko, pero alam kong di ko mabibigay lahat lahat dahil wala akong kapasidad, kuntento akong makasama ka, pasensya na hindi ko namimeet expectation mo. Oo alam ko sinabi ko pero yung sitwasyon hindi naaayon, pasensya na. Dami ko talagang mali lahat yata sakin mali, para akong aso sumusunod para makausap ka kahit [..more..]

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compassionate side note

the problem isn't that people have problem but the problem is when people start to shut each other out. so never judge anyone's lives because you never know and everyone has their own vices on how to deal with this thing called life and what it does to each of us along the way. some [..more..]

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