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Posted by on 2020/02/24 under Life

She sat outside in the evening with her grandma. They would watch the cars go by. The girl would listen to the tires on the road. Looking out across the lawn was a very proud tree. That's base was large and limbs stretched out as far as the lawn was wide. Her and her brother would climb it from time to time. Finding shells leftover from cicadas. As the sun slowly went down the cicadas would start singing and the show would start. The dancing of flickering lights as the lightning bugs made their way around. Her grandma would then say that it's getting late and that we should rest on the davenport and watch TV. The heavy screen door was held open. The young girl had to act fast squeezing by her grandma. Otherwise that damn door would try to slap her in the butt or worse her heels.
They always watched what the girl wanted as grandma would be oh so sleepy and start to snooze in and out. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock dong, dong, dong…. The clock strikes nine times, it's time for bed. Time to brush your teeth as she takes hers out. We put on our jammies and say our prayers. She ways always in mine.

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