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Friday 13th October 2017

Wake up

Wake up This World is blinded by things unseen And covered by lies and clever deceit Webs spun so well, most will become prey With sayings like ‘Don’t worry, tomorrow is another day!’ Whatever feels good or makes you happy- one should do And if you lose your soul along the way- no worries they [..more..]

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Advice on Youth

I used to be so sterile. I thought I had to be so careful and choose so very carefully. While this is true, it's nice to discern and be cautious, let me tell you how my lessons waited for me. It was just delivered in a better package than what I would have if I [..more..]

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do something that you like and if you can't do something you like, find something you like what you are doing. give your all to whatever you're doing and wherever you are right now. i know that life can be tough, but you gotta be and stay real with yourself. i see a lot of [..more..]

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Hi I am 16 years old and already in love with my boyfriend of two months. We want to marry once we are done with school and work together and have a baby. My parents and friends say that this is fleeting. My childhood best friend recently admitted his love for me and he thinks [..more..]

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I am not perfect I made mistakes but I also tried to do my best, learn from it, change my ways, pay back the people. Be there or not be there, depending on the situations. I listened, I cared and I did what I can. It's true what they say, your past and what what [..more..]

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look i understand its a s*** job and we get paid 2.75 an hour plus tips but if your gonna s*** on the job and talk down all of the people judge and all then why don't you just leave it already there are so many others who are willing to have opportunity even though [..more..]

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My best friend died.

If you know that your friend is intoxicated and you let them drive, and you sit in the passenger seat, are you too drunk or high? who is really responsible with what happens with you? There's a little bit of responsibility within each of us. So even though so and so did this and that [..more..]

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s*** i got my wife pregnant. i was mad and horny and my girlfriend was pissing me off so i wanted to have sex but i wanted it to be safe and clean but anyway, didn't know my wife wasn't taking her pills, we hadn't f***ed in months, anyway now she is pregnant and i [..more..]

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I think that you can keep your peace if you start by doing the right thing. Better late than never. You can turn your life around since we are all understanding. You can walk away from your mistakes, learn your errors, correct what you can and focus on your work, friends, and your own narrative. [..more..]

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first post

i was lost like i didn't even want to be in a relationship anymore, i felt like i had messed up so much that i wanted to get away from it all, i figured that i had a lot of inner work to do and i didn't know where to begin but i knew that [..more..]

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