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Monday 7th November 2011


I’m even afraid to post here because I feel like I’d tell you that I did then you’d read it and be upset.

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I just wanna have a beautiful dream and never woke up form it …

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I just don’t know why I am so sad, I miss love I guess … I just need someone to hold my hand , to kiss me , haven’t had that for a while…I like this boy ,he is so handsome, fun,smart … he is just perfect…but we are just friends …

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Sunday 6th November 2011


I want that type of friendship with a guy where you guys can depend on each other, talk 24/7, trust each other with things you’d tell no one, hold each other tight and close, someone that will always be there,some one to make you smile and laugh, cuddle with you for no reason at all, [..more..]

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Oh wow I don’t know. I’m happy we’re back together but…am i really worth it for you? What does “…i think i love you…” mean? God i don’t know. We didn’t even talk about it. You started to and I had to go and be the a****** and not say anything to move that topic [..more..]

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I am so frustrated that I cant get my thoughts straight…I am struggling to keep it together and it is so painful to find myself at such a low point in my life and not able to explain what got me here and why I cant get out of it

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It was a normal day. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened, but then I came home, and my mother had told me something…something that no one would expect at all. He was gone… I didn’t cry. I didn’t feel anything right at that moment.. All I had where my thoughts.. That Tuesday, the whole [..more..]

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And suddenly, I felt nothing.

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i do feel like i’m unwanted, especially when i’m with rosa – she’s too social and beautiful for me, and i know she feels like having me around is pulling her down but she’s too polite to admit it. i wish she would trust me not to f*** everything up. i just want a chance.

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She passed away last night. I remember how happy she was, how brave she was. How we used to play games in the playground and Sing songs at the top of our lungs. Her hair was as thick as skin and dark as the disease tearing he apart. She was so strong with such a [..more..]

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