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Posted by on 2012/04/20 under Friends

Cathy you always think that your better than anyone else. you don’t care how other people feel, just yourself. when your feeling down and are crying i always help you. i can’t belive you ignored me just to see my reaction, and when ever i asked you something like why you were ignoring me, you just acted like i wasn’t there ,and when i tried to come close to you, you ran away screaming. then when other people got involved {don’t know how or why} you told them you were trying to get a reaction out of me. You finnaly said sorry ,but when maddie brought you over to say it to my face you pulled away. i started crying because it reminded me of [you know the girl]who threw rocks at me and gave me a black eye. Then, later on the bus you said, I can’t belive you cried, your such a cry baby.i can’t belive i called you my friend your just a f***in bich

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