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Monday 6th February 2012


I Dont have depression but somehow i always hated my life and i wanted to end it all. I just want a place to escape my horrible life.I hate it so much. I feel like im trapped in a big black box where there’s no way out. Sometimes I feel like im in a big [..more..]

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I have managed to dig myself into a hole that I can’t seem to get out of.. I have the person I am with. All I end up doing is caring about their feelings, health, thoughts,etc…. I need to stop with the crazy stuff and start remembering how valuble I am! I am a good [..more..]

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Sunday 5th February 2012


Everyone is leaving me. My sister is in collage, my best friend is moving away and to top it all off my boyfriend dumped me. I have no one. My mom think sim a failure, i bet she would love to rade me in for someone who is smart and perfect. im not perfect at [..more..]

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It hurts my heart very much to see our world as it is. It hurts to know that in some places, the hardest decision is life or death, while my hardest decision is which restaurant to eat at. It hurts to know the gay people are so hated for who they find attractive. It hurts [..more..]

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im dont know what to do everything is so crazy

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Saturday 4th February 2012


Too straight forward to give a fck what you think

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I really like this girl but to nervous, feeling crappy, the usual symptoms, my realtionships don’t last long, then I feel crappy afterwards. She’s great to but I don’t think she likes me but Jesus Christ i feel jealose if she talks to other people e.g. other guys. Oh yeah what am I good at? [..more..]

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Friday 3rd February 2012


ive been single for two years. I started to talking to a friend again after not talking or seeing her for a few years, this is the most beautiful girl in the world in my opinion. I’ve been trying my hardest to try to get to know her again without pushing her into liking me. [..more..]

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You know i realised a while back that i could never live my life the way i always dreamed it to be. i just wanted a simple life just get married have a couple of kids not work my ass off just get a job that the pay was average have a couple of close [..more..]

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i’m tired the kind of tired where you really dont care about anything any more you just kinda give up. knowing nothing will ever be the same again i keep thinking about this line Ned Kelly said and it pretty much sums up everything for me “such is life”

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